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    http://t.co/wrHJ0Z3WXm #Vimeo The LAUE Ghost net crew finally got to see a Gws this weekend


    #Underwater Film Maker#Underwater Cinematography http://t.co/RMu28uFo7E


  3. 2015 December 31st (Thursday) Annual New Year’s Eve “Run for the… https://t.co/3cLNVO06GM

  4. 2015 was a nice year for diving. Warm water and lots of varied sea life. Happy New Year https://t.co/k93RERmY4n

  5. 5d mk3 underwater package from Sea and Sea with Water Wizard underwater remote strobes. http://t.co/LZ5FV0RsXh

  6. A Tale of Two Wrecks: U-166 and SS Robert E. Lee http://t.co/Tj9cU4YC5P http://t.co/Q0rDpWolvc

  7. After two plus years, I finally finished the teaser for Truk Lagoon. The divers in this video are Alex Adolfi,... http://t.co/CACjbU1fRb

  8. Am I Camo? The Kelp Fish really is a fish that looks like kelp. This one was almost invisible but I got lucky. http://t.co/JSEw80HjBp

  9. Anastasia is teaching today. Wish you were here http://t.co/rUGzO0Mzwi

  10. Anyone know this Underwater Model ? http://t.co/7cEVEf8bHZ

  11. California Gotta Love County line in summer https://t.co/gsGmvGn0UY

  12. Can't wait to dive again. Need my undersea critters to keep me humble https://t.co/jV7714puiz

  13. Cenotes I hope they never change as they are one of the worlds last remaining natural treasures http://t.co/QnpzTWKquA

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