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    http://t.co/wrHJ0Z3WXm #Vimeo The LAUE Ghost net crew finally got to see a Gws this weekend

  2. The Georgia Aquarium Is Quietly Trying To Import 18 Wild-Caught Belugas From Russia via @dodo

  3. Check out the California Diving News article about LAUE and the great white shark encounter.... http://t.co/xqXkmDvIlB

  4. Rent a GH4 Underwater Housing in Los Angeles http://t.co/Aboo15h5lw

  5. Check out "Laird Hamilton SUP surfing in Epic Malibu conditions!! He shoots the pier twice!!!" on Vimeo http://t.co/MF3mTlbeOL #Vimeo

  6. RT @WHALES_org: Wonderful! #Orca #babyboom continues with discovery of 4th Southern Resident calf! http://t.co/UUcz0er8md #notaprilfools

  7. RT @Surfrider: 25,000 discarded cigarette butts collected in Victoria thanks to @SurfriderVan & new collection program. Way to go! http://t…

  8. Used Waterproof case for 5d mk 2 Fair Shape. Cheap. Some one will get a great deal.http://t.co/MSJm3Cbyhy

  9. See Ben Stiller #Shark Conservation and Mention My Pal #Michael Muller, on Seth Myers @hulu http://t.co/YtQhGQcTWw

  10. Gargantuan Sunfish Dwarfs Divers In Stupefying Video via @dodo


    #Underwater Film Maker#Underwater Cinematography http://t.co/RMu28uFo7E


  12. Wreck Diving in North Carolina: http://t.co/oMyprGPcwa via @YouTube

  13. This 6 Year Old Surfer Is Making Big Waves via @womenysk http://t.co/B5Nes7OqlZ

  14. We Wanted to Share this from one of our Recent SCUBA PupilsAshley WrightOctober 26 at 10:02am · "We spent the... http://t.co/VxfRJ3pBMO

  15. Why can't Los Angeles get it together. We still have to drive to San Diego to dive a new site ???? We can do it... http://t.co/7sl21TICja

  16. See what the New GH-4 Can Do watch this Cave Diving from Add Helium video.... http://t.co/FWDJNW1etl

  17. Feelin a shark trip....who wants in ? So farThomas Mann, Vance Burberry, Lindha N., Ed Chavez, Maybe Ralph... http://t.co/qOVqRcLamL

  18. Just posted a photo @ Catalina Island https://t.co/j2nHwjb8pk

  19. RT @SoCalConnected: Tourists, residents not mixing well near Hollywood sign Wed at 8 http://t.co/KkxYH3Do9l Pic: Sarah Browningflickr/CC h…

  20. RT @StephenAtHome: #GoVote because the only Voter ID you need is YOU! (And also a Voter ID in a lot of places.) http://t.co/5BccEpYl8W http…

  21. RT @RedSharkNews: .@ARRIChannel @ARRIusers Touch screen controls for the ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Mini http://t.co/lvI8hsbq9M #filmmaking #cine

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