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  1. It was Garibaldi Mating time recently and they were none too happy about me intruding on their… https://t.co/fENCr0pG19

  2. From The U boat dive North Carolina Trip https://t.co/Msp4GW40Su

  3. I just dived the North Carolina wrecks with the Suunto EON Steel. It was flawless. https://t.co/C7TI7jZlEF

  4. Just got Back from Shark Diving in North Carolina ! It was amazing again.

  5. wow Almost 2000 feet Deep see it Rare Video Captures Sperm Whale in Deep Sea http://t.co/mDVXRVpQrZ via @NatGeo

  6. We still have a few spaces open for June 6 http://t.co/MBdERTpBQh

  7. More from Hollis Re breather course today http://t.co/LK2FjPuFFx

  8. The Hollis Explorer Rebreather training has begun ! http://t.co/mkIWZKfPKZ

  9. Scuba Equipment Specialist Class Weds Night http://t.co/KStFwAdzFK

  10. RT @RedSharkNews: .@ARRIChannel @ARRIusers Touch screen controls for the ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Mini http://t.co/lvI8hsbq9M #filmmaking #cine

  11. RT @SoCalConnected: Tourists, residents not mixing well near Hollywood sign Wed at 8 http://t.co/KkxYH3Do9l Pic: Sarah Browningflickr/CC h…


    #Underwater Film Maker#Underwater Cinematography http://t.co/RMu28uFo7E


  13. See Ben Stiller #Shark Conservation and Mention My Pal #Michael Muller, on Seth Myers @hulu http://t.co/YtQhGQcTWw

  14. Used Waterproof case for 5d mk 2 Fair Shape. Cheap. Some one will get a great deal.http://t.co/MSJm3Cbyhy

  15. RT @WHALES_org: Wonderful! #Orca #babyboom continues with discovery of 4th Southern Resident calf! http://t.co/UUcz0er8md #notaprilfools

  16. We are going to See the Big Uns Again this Aug check it. http://t.co/a2Q6KH37kh

  17. RT @ARRIChannel: ARRI Downsizes to the Agile, Lightweight ALEXA Mini http://t.co/1J2GpvZYBH

  18. Keep Lisa May on the air! - PetitionBuzz http://t.co/P2oJjtdFfC

  19. Anastasia is teaching today. Wish you were here http://t.co/rUGzO0Mzwi

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