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  1. Why can't Los Angeles get it together. We still have to drive to San Diego to dive a new site ???? We can do it... http://t.co/7sl21TICja

  2. Wreck Diving in North Carolina: http://t.co/oMyprGPcwa via @YouTube

  3. 5d mk3 underwater package from Sea and Sea with Water Wizard underwater remote strobes. http://t.co/LZ5FV0RsXh

  4. Today has been a crazy day. 4 spots left on the NC shark trip and it looks like the blood moon last night has... http://t.co/GQNkgdhxxo

  5. Technology Charging forward for Divers see it here New Diving Computer by Aeris http://t.co/ziGEN0YuYU

  6. If ye want some colored Jet Fins, ye better call us before The Sun Sets on April 14th...these are special order only! http://t.co/93B9Zp2I6Z

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