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  1. Thanks, I have found that your absolutely right about the colour of people due to the cold. I've also found that water clarity is key for pool stuff, I've been in some really nasty pools and was plagued by back scatter and light bouncing everywhere due to the murkiness
  2. Thanks for all your feedback I have done 20+ pool sessions and so far so good. I'm always surprised by the movement between the port and the case but all seems good so far.
  3. I'm using "crash plan" have just over 1.5tb of data on there, took about 20 days to fully upload the initial bit, but works fantastically now. It also manages my on site backups, to an internal backup drive in my editing machine and a nas upstairs.
  4. Cant go wrong with a Nikon! The d7100 is a lovely little camera. Not a massive film shooter myself, but I would advocate you buy yourself a nice long lens, 300mm f4 plus a decent tripod. I would also as above recommend a Thinktank Hydrophobia. They are expensive, but well worth the cash! And with a decent tripod you will be well away!
  5. One of my first attempts with the underwater housing. Fairly happy with it, but an hour in the water taught me a lot! Breath holding to shoot these so was interesting trying to find a gap in the swimmers to come up and breathe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks Abi, I have bought a cool box and drop it straight into that as soon as I get out of the water. I then transport it home in the cool box and fill up and leave to soak for a couple of hours Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. thanks for all the feedback guys! I have been playing in the pool and so far so good. I am looking at investing in the vacuum kit, it really does seem a no brainer.
  8. Thanks for the thoughts guys, it really is helpful. I think I will be purchasing a vacuum setup. Will do some research on the different brands. I have been quite surprised about the 4 port clips, and how small/ delicate they seem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I would respond thanking them for their interest, and saying that you will be happy to sell them the image. Credit is worth nothing, depends if you want paying or not. They should pay, but will try not to, and if you suggest you want payment, they may go to the next person. After all, they are making money from the series, and if your image is being used for publicity, you should get paid as well.
  10. Thanks again! While I have got you. I am wondering about the "0" rings. Do you remove them and put them in a sealable plastic bag or do you leave them insitu?
  11. Cerianthus, Thanks for that. I plan on showering with the setup, and then transferring it home in a cool box (without water) but still together, and then just filling it with fresh water on my return. Journey time should never be longer than an hour, that way i can get the equipment home and give it a good chance to dry properly before packing it all back into its pelicase.
  12. I have just bought a D7000 Ikelite housing and associated bits. My question is: 1. I read everywhere that the pressure from the water helps hold the housing and the port etc together. I will initially be playing in a swimming pool and doubt getting deeper than a few metres, so am assuming there will be little to no pressure on my side. This is a worry, should it be? 2. Chlorine pools. I have an acrylic port. I intend on washing the whole setup in the shower after use. Sessions may last upto 2 hours before being washed. This will be fine right? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Thanks Bart, The equipment has all arrived so i am going to take it to the pool tonight, and will be leaving the camera at home! I am also going to wait until my peli case has arrived, so i can work out a routine and stick it into the lid, as a bit of a checklist. That way my first "dive" (or dip, into the pool with the camera) should be uneventful. I have ordered the martin edge book, so hopefully that arrives soon.
  14. Twinner, I think your right, will make enquiries at my local dive shop, they run "Underwater" photography courses, but they mention point and shoots a lot in the description, so might not be aimed at maintenance and bigger kit setup, but will give them a call and see. Thanks Lee, don't think we are very close, intact, don't think we could get that much further apart
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. Vacuum seals seem to be the way to go, reading a lot about them on here, and the advantages are clear. They seem a no brainer really, and as most of the time, certainly to start with the kit won't be going much deeper than 3m, this would add a huge amount of protection protection. Insurance wise, good call. I spoke with my camera specific insurers, they do my photography kit and liability and they were fine with it. Now just waiting for it all to arrive so I can buy a pelicase to put it all in Super excited!
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