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  1. Thank again for the replies. I have things slightly clearer now (I think). This discussion has lead me to make one decision: I'm gonna head off to London and visit somewhere that sells housings and try them out for myself before i purchase. I'm not too fussed about the price - what i want is the housing that will be right for me. I'm planning to head off to the tropics for good by next year so want something that will serve me well. It seems both Ike and Aquatica have fans out there so they will be the first housings i will look at. Thanks again
  2. thanks for the replies guys. I'll look into it.....and try to find out what TTL2 is also! Cheers
  3. Hi. I'm quite new to photography but have bought a 20d to play with. It's a great camera and now i'm getting a housing. Previous experience has been limited to 'point and shoot' underwater, and i have no idea what to look for in a housing. The points in a previous post stating what an ideal housing should have is a help. But can anyone let me know what is a good housing to buy for my 20d and why? I would like to add a strobe or 2. Would one housing have an advantage over another with the addition of strobes? Any help appreciated, Many thanks, Peter
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