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  1. Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) are an entirely volunteer Life Boat organisation operating in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The owners of Cuan Law, The BVI's Premier Luxury Diving Vessel have donated to VISAR a 7 Day Liveaboard diving trip for 2 around the BVI. This trip is currently being auctioned on eBay and 100% of the proceeds will go to VISAR to enable VISAR to continue saving lives at sea in the BVI. The Cuan Law was custom designed for luxury sailing and diving charters by owner & designer Duncan Muirhead in 1988, Cuan Law spans 105 feet in length and 44 feet in width. She provides a base for all kinds of water activities including scuba diving, Hobie cats and kayaks. The accommodations aboard Cuan Law are spacious and comfortable. There are ten double staterooms, each can be set up to suit your needs with a double bed or twins, side by side. You won't find cramped bunk beds aboard Cuan Law and you've got plenty of space. Virgin Islands Search & Rescue is a lifeboat organisation which provides assistance to those in need in the waters around the British Virgin Islands. VISAR is a volunteer organisation funded almost entirely by charitable donation. The provision of search and rescue services costs us in the region of US$150,000 each year. This is your chance to have the holiday of a lifetime and assist VISAR in the process. The auction can be found here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=6603865282 For more Cuan Law information visit www.bvidiving.com For more VISAR information visit www.visar.org Thank you for your support. Virgin Islands Search & Rescue.
  2. I've been using this set up since Christmas and the only AF problems I have had have been described above, the AF/M Switch has caught whilst putting the camera in the housing. Does the camera AF topside out of the housing? Also try without the Diopter and see if you can focus. I'm pretty sure theres a "restore factory Default" option in the menu, try that I case you've inadvertently changed something.
  3. Ok, Don't want to sound patronising, but have you checked the AF Switches on the camera and the lens?
  4. Having just got back from this weekends trip on the Searcher with Great White Adventures here's my $0.02. Equipment - I took the bare minimum, D70, Ike Housing and DS125 Strobe, and 12-24mm 2*1 gig cards and laptop. My GF had her C7070 and Sea & Sea strobe and 2 1 gig cards. There were some people that seemed to have all of the equipment they had ever owned and I'm sure they used most of it at one point or another!! Before you go Check, Check and double check that you have everything you need, fortunatly I decided to put my housing together before we left the dock, good job as I discovered I'd left my bag of spare O rings at home and didn't have one for the lens port. A short jog to Point Loma camera store sorted that out, but delayed the boat by 30 minutes and I sure felt like a complete dumb@ss. I wish I'd taken my 18-70 so I could get some close up shots and also a decent top side lens but I wanted to travel as light as possible. I didn't get to try the magic filters as I was simply too stoked to be in the cage and didn't want to complicate things. This was also my first photgraphy trip and I was working on the keep it simple philosophy. Sharks - We had sharks from day one, a lot of sharks, it was only the last day that the action was a bit short although we still had company, they were being a bit lazy. Cages - 4 people can be a bit crowded in the cages, my cage buddies were quite cooperative for the trip and we each took it in turns for the corners. The Video guys didn't complain about strobes. You only really need one strobe for fill in and try and have it on a short arm otherwise it will get knocked. By day 3 the rotations had thinned out a bit through exhaustion so there we times when there was only 2 people in the cage. Searcher has a "deep" 3rd cage at 20 feet which is well worth getting in, you get a completely different perspective from there. Wetsuits - I hired a 7mm full suit with a hood, the first day I didn't use the hood but by the end I was begginning to wish I had a dry suit, an hour in the cage not moving much in 70 degree water for 3 days and you start to feel the cold. Boat - Searcher and the crew were great, we never went hungry, they have a good wine and beer selection. Cabins are small but you only ever sleep in them, although if you can I'd try and avoid the bow cabins which can be a bit bouncey if the see is rough on the crossings. The main saloon has plenty of room, good choice of DVD's and they set aside a table as a charging station, which can be a bit crowded. Make sure your equipment is marked to avoid any confusion. The camera tables at the stern have a high lip and are quite secure, although I bought my camera into my cabin when it got really rough. The crossing conditions were OK 6-8 feet there and 10 feet back although I would take sea sickness remedies, even one of the hardiest sailors (charter boat captain) got sick and rechristened St-Heave.... I'll post some pics once I've sorted the wheat from the chaff! UncleFred
  5. I'll be using Alex's magic filters and my understanding is they are designed for Shallow water, he's given me some pointers in another post. Good to hear from someone who's been out there already, do you any pictures online?>
  6. Thanks James, I've sent an email to MCD so hopefully I'll have a back up plan.....
  7. I'm lucky enough to be going on Great White Shark dive at Isla Guadalupe next week, but as luck would have it I'm having strobe problems, which I have isolated to the Sync cord. Now I've ordered a replacment and fingers crossed DHL will get it to me by Tuesday (I'm also crossing any other part of me that I can) I've also received my magic filters today that I intend to make good use of. However my question is this, do I need the strobe? Most of the shooting in the cage is in shallow water less than 10 feet. I'm making the assumption that the cord won't be here in time.
  8. I ordered my Filters on Tuesday Morning, got a reply from Peter about 30 minutes after I sent the fax and they have arrived by FedEx in the British Virgin Islands this morning, less than 48 hours later!!! Can't wait to try them on the Great Whites at Isla Guadalupe next week!!!
  9. I've been having problems with my sync cord this weekend. I have an Ikelite housed D70 and DS125. The connections all look good and dry and are all lined up but it just refuses to talk to the camera. The connection from the controller to the strobe is good, as I can use my girlfriends strobe to trigger the slave controller. I've also connected the cord directly to the strobe bypassing the manual controller but the camera is still not triggering the strobe. So it looks like there is a problem with the sync cord. Is it worth taking the cord apart or should I send it back to Ike for them to fix? I have also experienced the strobe firing repeatedly at the surface - freaked me out the first time it happened and I was out the water stripping it down within minutes, but it does this every dive now, I've figured it must be something to do with the slave controller being triggered by the sunlight (If I cover the slave sensor it stops). Any suggestions?
  10. Well thanks again for the advice and some interesting alternative opinions. I think I'm still going to go with the 60mm (unless I can't get one in St Thomas this weekend) and then I'll get the 105mm at a later date.
  11. OK. Well that's some great advice from you guys, 60mm it is. And then I'll be a good boy all year and see what Santa brings!!! Thanks Mark
  12. Hello All, I'm trying to decide which Macro Lens to buy for my D70, 60mm or 105, this will be my first Macro lens so I'm not sure of the pitfalls/benefits or each lens. I'm using an Ikelite housing with a dome port, so I figure I'm going to have to get a new flat port which lens I decide to buy. The difference in cost isn't an issue, more the usability of each lens. For reference, all my photography is done in the Caribbean. Thanks for any advice. Mark
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