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  1. I chose the Oly Stylus 500 and its housing in large part because of its 2.5" LCD -- hopefully it'll be easy on the eyes underwater! Thanks all for the feedback. My wife and I are going to be doing some abalone diving in NorCal after I take the bar at the end of July; hopefully we'll be able to produce some interesting images to share!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for masks that are especially suited for underwater photography? My gut tells me that something with a single pane, low volume, and black silicone skirt would work well. Joe Diver America advertises this mask as being suitable for photography (it's a black Mares Brama mask). Any comments? Thanks! I'm a rank novice who has finally decided to buy my own equipment after renting. I (plan to) shoot with an Olympus Stylus 500 in the Oly underwater housing.
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