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  1. Two AOI RGBlue System01 underwater video lights Used on only three dives. Based on my usage pattern since I bought them 9 months I have concluded that I am far more interested still photography than video so I am selling my video lights. And I have new toys I need to finance. They are in EXCELLENT condition. I cannot find any scratches/etc with the naked eye. I have all original packaging and manuals. http://www.rgblue.jp/en/ https://www.backscatter.com/sku/aoi-system01.lasso Includes the 'maintenance' O-ring kits that came with the lights as well as an extra O-ring kit for each light. $550 for each light or $1000 for both lights. I also have a pair of Nauticam multi-purpose clamps with light mounting stem that can be used to mount both video lights and strobes: https://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-72502.lasso https://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-72512.lasso I will sell the multi-purpose clamps with light mounting stem for $50 each or $75 for both. Or $1050 for both sets of lights and both clamp sets. I take paypal. You can check my E-Bay account (Onewolf.net) for seller rating info. I recently cleaned out my photo closet of other photo equipment I no longer needed. Let me know if you have any questions or need any additional photos of the equipment. Thanks.
  2. :crickets quietly chirping: I'm guessing it will be several months from the release of the 70D (early/mid Sept) until a housing is available. Maybe December timeframe?
  3. I plan to upgrade from my current T2i to a 70D camera body (70D is already on order). Any theory on how long it will take before Nauticam releases a 70D housing based upon previous new camera bodies and Nauticam housings? Thanks.
  4. When you say "TTL" do you really mean TTL or just an electrical connection (like Nikonos) or do you mean electrical connection that also supports TTL with your existing strobes? Most people find they are able to shoot manual strobe mode quite effectively with just a little practice. The fiber optic strobe connections are generally 'safer' than electrical connections with regards to flooding/corrosion/loose connections.
  5. My wife recently got the Sony RX100/Nauticam housing combo. I was wondering what options there are for Fisheye lens besides the Inon UWL-H100 28M67 Type 2 ($520) with Inon Dome Unit II ($450). Are there any less expensive (but high quality) fisheye lens options that work with the Nauticam NA-RX100 housing? Thanks.
  6. The 40mm snoot looks like joined PVC pipe couplers? Like 3" to 2" and then a 2" to 1" maybe?
  7. In case Ginserdog doesn't check this message thread, I purchased the YS-110A and have already taken delivery.
  8. My PM1/EPT-06 with dual ULCS 8" arms, YS-110a strobes and 4 jumbo stix floats (I swap arms/strobes between Nauticam and Olympus housings) is slightly positive UW. Without the stix floats it is probably less than 1 lb negative. I would not worry about float arms until you figure out all the doodads and thingamajigs you may add to your system.
  9. I (sort of) got to try the new RGBlue video lights on Saturday. Unfortunately it was a poor environment for video light testing (3kt current drift dive, so so vis, I was flag boy, 3-4' seas on surface meant it was a continuous jerking from the flag). I had the video lights on max stepped power (1800 lumens) for about 40 minutes and the status LCD light was magenta at the end, so I don't know sure how much long the lights would have lasted. Functionally the lights worked fine but I didn't really get any usable video footage. The Nauticam YS mounts for the Nauticam 'shackle' clamp shipped from Backscatter last Friday so once they arrive I will be able to mount both the video lights and the S&S strobes (right now it's one or the other). I will update once I get to perform a real test with the video lights.
  10. Strobe: Sea&Sea YS-D1 or Inon Z-240 Arms: Ultralight 5" and 8" Clamps: Ultralight Video light: I just bought a pair of RGBlues. Compared to Sola 2000 the RGBlues have wider, smoother, more natural sun light look.
  11. As Mike already pointed out the Canon mpe-65 is extremely rare to be used underwater. I have the Canon EF-S 60mm macro and the Canon EF-100 f2.8 IS macro lenses. The 60mm is somewhat more flexible and can often be used as a general purpose small fish portrait lens whereas the 100mm is strictly for macro shooting. Both lenses support 1:1 images.
  12. Canon 100mm f2.8 IS macro on a 1.6 crop body gets me close enough to shrimpies and gobies unless they are really tiny, and then I add a Subsee +10 diopter.
  13. According to IkeLite the 17-40 focuses close enough to use in the 8" dome without a diopter, however corner sharpness "may" be improved at "some" focal lengths by using a +2 diopter. Good weasel words.
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