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  1. well the days that i worked with mac are over very sad, had a G4 with final cut ) i guess i will try canopus like you suggested used it befor for dvd us customers, but i guess the real question is when i export back to tape/camera vx 2000 which is pal,, is the camera able to record the ntsc file proper on to the tape and will play back in ntsc about the festival rules, well it is a us film festival in san diego, i guess it is stupid but this are the rules, mini dv pal is the norm but well what can i say...... and with multisystem players no problem this days.... thanks a lot for your reply
  2. Hello everybody, hope to get an answer for my question, the San Diego Film Festival accepts only videos in Mini DV NTSC. well of course i shoot and work projects in PAL, how do i get my pal movie on a mini dv in ntsc format.
  3. <_< sorry to spoil you trip, but you want be able to dive the similans in june, seanson in the andaman coast, thailand and burma runs from december to april sometimes to the middle of mai, the similan national park is closed since 2003 in the off season in order to give abreak to the reefs, decent daytrip diving can be done from phuket expect not such clear water, most bigger liveaboards leave phuket around mai and go to indonisia and come back for the sean in novemver, the only decent liveaboards in phuket in the offseason are hin daeng which is very nice and worth a trip a view guys do 3 day liveaboards and cruise around phi phi island nice for leopard sharks...... good luck..............
  4. after diving years in burma and similans you finally get one at Richelieue, you sure diserved it after so many years. very nice footage, especially the frontal take and nice cutting work
  5. I am not sure how much many you want to spend and how serious you want to use your video camera, if it just for fun and holidays decide what your budget is, most housings and the lower and run about 500 to 800 Euros medium Housings 800 to 1500 after that up to 5000 Euros. Now remember the Quality of the video is produced by the camera, housing needs just proper ports and a set of filters. I use a VX 2000 and it provides underwater and topside best low light performance with an Ikelite Housing. TRV 900 and 950 are great cameras and easier and smaller to handle then the big PD and VX cameras, important when you travel. Ikelite provides a nice housing for the TRV 950 and 900 series around 600 to 700 not sure check with them.
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