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  1. Dear fellow underwater photographer, I'm humbly asking you for your opinion, what's best to upgrade/add in my set-up based on your experience? What would you recommend? I started with DiCaPac plastic flexible housings on standard compact (Canon Ixus), then advanced to DiCaPac for SLR and wrapped (while being worried) my beloved full-frame Sony A900. I managed to get some reasonable photos while snorkeling, that made me more into this area. Quickly after that my fiancee got DSC-RX100 (enthusiast level compact camera) so I decided to go for real housing this time - so our last vacation was covered by RX100 in Ikelite housing, wide angle (W30 ie. not fish-eye) and macro adapters. We tried diving for the first time during this vacation so it came handy (I wouldn't go deep with DiCaPac housing, the actually say 5 meters). On the other hand I encountered the limits of this set-up - the lack of light down there + the color cast. What would you recommend as an accessory / accessories to Ikelite RX100? Color filter is for sure, but what handles and lights? Somethings, that's reasonable investment for beginners who go to diving once a year, yet they are interested in UW photography. Something with good bang to buck ration. I'll appreciate any tips. I'm attaching my best shots made with mentioned RX100 so far. Thanks! Aleq
  2. Hey, everybody. I started with DiCaPac for Canon Ixus, then I used DiCaPac on my fullframe Sony A900. It was acceptable while snorkeling. For last vacation I purchased Ikelite housing for RX100 and I was very pleased with it. Let's see where I go from here, but I think I'll stick to RX100 and Ikelite for now. It's time to practice my skills now, the equipment seems to be more capable then I am.
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