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  1. For Sale, Nexus D80 display model never used . $1800.00
  2. The D200 to D300 conversion runs $1200.00 US. Takes a couple of days to complete. No word on the D400 at this time.
  3. I would like to order 2 each of the slave triggers. P/M at mcd2000@marinecamera.com
  4. Display model, never dove. New $675.00, one only $325.00
  5. Try the lighting department at home depot for fiber optic cabel & the tool department for the lock-line parts.
  6. For sale: Nexus 5D housing, standard finder, 160glass dome port with extension ring, 100mm macro port with manual focus gear, Canon 5Dcamera with Sigma 20mmf1.8lens for $3500.00. All in good condition.
  7. Sea&Sea DX5000G camera & housing, new in box. Was $999.00. One only for $399.00.
  8. Nexus D300 demo housing for M4 ports. Very good condition. $3175.00 new now $1900.00. One only
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