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  1. here is a link from a trip report in French where you can find all my best shots from the Komodo trip i did in July this year : http://forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11495 i didn't shot any macro, not that there is not ( the guide where excellent at spotting macro ) but living all year in Alor, i have pretty much the same importunities for macro ...but seeing new reefs and new scenery was pretty exciting for me , so WA was a must...enjoy !!!
  2. Due to a group cancellation, we have some opening at the beginning of July from 07 to 22 July... Come and dive the healthiest reef on the world...
  3. just fisnish to sort out my photos from a trip in Raja Ampat this year : https://www.flickr.com/photos/101623137@N02/sets/72157644195124733/ will go back next year, so much to do , so many different dive sites , dive conditions and photo oportunities...can wait also my Komodo trip in July : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51947&hl=komodo...
  4. we have now the result from our photo contest , you can see it here : Alor Divers - Eco Dive Resort enjoy. Gilles
  5. now only one space available: share twin cabin . Men already booked...
  6. Due to cancellation, we have a cabin available for a 11 nights trip with KM Ambai in Raja Ampat. Price is discounted 10 % to 2475 euro. please contac me at : alordivers@gmail.com All best, Gilles RAJA AMPAT EXPEDITION WITH KM AMBAI MARCH 2014.pdf
  7. i change all the little oring from my Nauticam housing after arround 1000 dives ( a bit more than 2 years ) and they were in perfect condition...don't think i wil do it again . the port oring and the main oring lost elasticity quite fast, may be 500 to 1000 dive and i had to change it already ( may 2 times in 4/5 years ). tey could have done the job for longer but it started to be difficult to fit the port in the housing.
  8. was staying in north Sulawesie for 6 years as dive instructor...working in Togian and banggai area...Malaria is present in North Sulawesie i did have several Malaria crisis . As i was staying permenently in the island, it was no way to take preventive medecine for years, so i was left with prevention : avoid mosquito bite...for guests staying short term, the chances are very mild ( especially with simple protections such as mosquito repelant at sunset time, and mosquito net at night ) ...Malaria can be very teritorial, it can be in one village a lot of cases and not much in the next vilage , so very difficult to predict ... Mike is right : there is more chance to get Dengue ( what can be worse than Malaria ) in Bali or Jakarta than in remote area...
  9. seems promissing,...but if more powerfull than the subsee + 10, might not be able to use it with 150 sigma...what i'm currious about is it say on the Nauticam web site than you can use it with the 60 AFS ? do you think it can give good result ?
  10. Same same, i love the 150 sigma, a real pleasure to shot...like it was mention before on clear tropical water the distance is not realy a problem as long as the subjet it smaller than 20cm and on water with more particules: i arrange my strobe very much in front of the housing to minimize the Light /subjet distance, me beeing still far from the fish, it usually does not scare it. the mouving subjet are not scare ( see the photo below: this fish is so shy that this shot will be impossible if not with 150 ) : http://www.flickr.com/photos/101623137@N02/9730953994/ with the subsee + 10 , i found it very difficult , but i presume it is also because my lense is 1cm away from the dome end, making the distance beteewn the dome and the lens too long ...someone has any idea ? but you get realy close shot : http://www.flickr.com/photos/101623137@N02/9866059744/ with the + 5 it become resonable and easy to use... after using the 150 for more than a year ( all my last macro shot on my flickr galery are with 150 ) i can't go with another lens ( i try again 2 times the 60 AFS that i previously used, but it seems that the possibility are better with the 150 ), i really get use to it and it is great. enjoy wakatobi, Gilles
  11. Dear all, we have 2 space left on a Charter Komodo dive cruise for july 2014, from 20 to 29. we will be chartering the Ambai ( see at : http://www.wallacea-divecruise.com/boat/ambai ) price is 2080 euro for the 9 nights and we offer 10 % discount. of course , i will be on board, and enjoy the diving in Komodo with you. please come back to me if you are interested...at alordivers@gmail.com KOMODO EXPEDITION WITH KM AMBAI ENG.pdf greetings from Indonesia, Gilles
  12. At our House reef ( Alor-Divers , Alor Archipelago, Indonesia ) we allow solo diving. of course it all depends on sea condition and diver experience . we ask to not go deeper than 12M ( plenty enought to enjoy or photograf ) and we supply with a pony bottle if requested. i have myself more than 6000 dives ( more than 1000 with camera ), and i enjoy solo diving, especilly for photography. i don't think it is a lot more dangerous as long as the condition are nice and easy... Gilles See our last discovery at : http://alor-divers.blogspot.com/ My flickr picture gallery at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/101623137@N02/
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