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  1. Excellent results - do you think it would work with a Sea and Sea housing.. wondering if you would be up to hiring it out for when I go next year :-)
  2. I stayed on Kapalai in December, the dive centre based there was very helpful and you get 3 boat dives per day, in the mornings they tend to go to Sipadan and Mabul, then in the afternoons you tend to stay on the sites around the island. Also unlimited diving on the house reef which is very good. Scubazoo have an office there so perhaps you could find out from them if they do any camera rental as I didnt notice. Check out http://www.scubazoo.com. We also had a week on the Celebes explorer which was great, they dive all around the Semporna Marine Park, great night dives on Mabul and some great critter dives at Si Amil.
  3. Ooh should really make arrangements to meet up with more people next year, didnt realise that so many were there. I was there for the whole duration on the DIVE magazine stand... or not.. socialising got the better of me. Great to spend time with Steve, Pete, Alex and Jason, oh and of course my husband, frogman! Was a complete surpise to win the b/w prints, and the champagne was good too... hic
  4. Absolutely stunning! Have been the Maldives once but pre camera... really makes me want to return.... maybe next year
  5. I couldnt agree more.. having visited Taba, Nuweiba and Aqaba over the past year I have been blown away by the amount of critters to be found in this part of the Red Sea... although the Arabic mimic octopus is possibly not as common as those in Lembeh...
  6. Thanks Alex. Had thought myself that he could be a mimic from pictures that I've seen in the past, but had not heard of them in the Red Sea... interesting!! I'll have to investigate more. He did change colour slightly while I was watching him, but that was all. When I swam over him he was quite disguised and a similar colour to the sand but I recognised the shape and swam back for a closer look. He then became darker in colour... dont know if that helps!?!
  7. I took a picture of this tiny octopus in about a metre of water in the sand off the beach in Nuweiba, Red Sea. I havent been able to find a picture of him in any of the Red Sea guides, and the local guides had not seen him before.. perhaps he is some kind of juvenile - can somebody help?
  8. Thanks guys.. I'll have a word in his shell-like in the morning
  9. Thanks James.. but one thing that is now bugging me is that recently the art director at work pointed out that my anemone fish, and in fact pretty much all anemone fish that he is sent for publication have a definate blue tinge on the bits of the fish that should be white?!?! I've since looked through my images and he is right they do have a blue tinge.. is there something that I can do about this or is it just another blond moment <_<
  10. Hi Jim, personally the second one is my favourite - beautiful lighting and lots of depth to it. I happened to read in another of your postings that you heading to Antibes this year.. I thought that you told me at the dive show that you were looking after you liver... isnt that a contradiction in terms This is my favourite anemone fishy from 2005...
  11. Thanks Karl.. I really enjoyed your site too. Happy New Year everyone.
  12. Some of my favourite dives this year were with the seal pups in the Farne Islands. I wouldnt say this was my best pic, but definately the most fun.. its difficult to choose one as they were all so lovely...
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