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    Music, Egyptology, travel, painting, and of course, diving and underwater photography.

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  1. It's a very sad new for all of us He was a very beloved person and one of the greatest. We will miss him but somewehere in the blue his spirit will be giding us as the brightest light. I'm sure that Ike will be present at every dive and every picture we make. My condolences for all Ikelite Family, friends and co-workers. Thanks, Ike! Ana.
  2. You have a very complete collection, full of beautiful images, congratulations! The ones I like the best: southern stingray, cowfish, grouper eye and rock beauty at fishes gallery; feather duster worms, bristle worm, shrimp anemone at macro gallery; pillar coral, christ abys, wa_crinoid at reef gallery; great white 4, great white 5, great white 8, firs grey shark and the picture with 2 grey sharks. Wreck pics are very good too, I liked the propeller and # dsc6598 the most. I enjoyed B&W and topside as well. Good job, regards and welcome to Wetpixel
  3. Nudi and jellyfish are the photos I like the best, nice job!
  4. I like the position of the anemone at cklowfish picture, and colors too, they look great here! My favourite ones: 1, 3, 7. In your gallery you have a nice collection, nudibranch (4th picture) is very good. Nice job, thanks for sharing
  5. WOW! Beautiful slideshow! Garibaldis look very nice. I like the music you used here, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker? It's a great job, congratulations
  6. Last pic at 3rd post is great! Very very sharp and good color and light. I like the two sharks at 2nd post, nice composition. I enjoy watching skarks pictures and I' ve enjoyed whatching yours
  7. They all are very good shots but the most I like: 1, 2, 4, 5(great colors in thar wreck!), 6 and 10. This last one is very very good, composition is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Good pics! I like the 1st one, it's very sharp; and the garibaldi, that's a beautiful shot, really!
  9. Nice photos and very interesting!I love compositions and lightning. Good job, thanks for sharing wuth us
  10. Nice pic James! Your Titan's daddy tried to attack me last month I've never been so afraid of a fish before that day!
  11. Good job! I like the turtle the best and the seals at topside gallery. Whast is thas strange fish at pic # 2? Thanks for sharing!
  12. The slideshow works perfectly! You've done a very good job, I like the music on here. And you have really amazing pictures from the white sharks, I enjoyed them a lot!
  13. Awesome!!! They all are very good, 1st one for that enormous mouth, 2nd pic because the animal is so close, 3rd one, I love that point of view with the shark coming. And last one, becasue of the delicate light and the composition. Really good jobb, thanks for sharing
  14. Nice shots! I enjoyed specially: coz7101, coz7100, coz7109, coz7111, and the turtles. Photos into the wreck and the cave are very neat and sharp. Thanks for sharing
  15. Hello walshwn, welcome! You have really nice pictures at your slideshow, better than the ones you have linked here. I enjoyed Green sea turtles, a picture called "Teamwork" and the beautiful blue at the first picture with the diver. The photos you've posted here are not bad, but maybe you have to try shooting closer to the subject (the moray eel ) and not down to the animal. I think that using this camera could be a good solution to practise until you feel really comfortable with a camera while diving. I spent 2 years shooting with a Bonica Multisnapper before purchasing the camera I'm using now. Regards
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