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  1. Zen DP100 for sale, in excellent condition, glass unscratched, Subal type 3 mount. Shipping only within EU, based in Croatia. Asking 400 eur for the dome + shipping. PA-N85-S3 adapter to mount this dome (or any other Subal type 3 port) on Nauticam mirorless housings 150 eur + shipping. Both items 500 eur + shipping.
  2. I use the panasonic 8mm + zen dp100. Nice for travel, packs small and perfect for wrecks. Few examples:
  3. Hi all, I am interested to buy one Z240 type 4 in perfect working condition, unflooded. Or, if you have one strobe but would like to have two of lesser power, I am proposing exchange of my 2x Inon D2000 (older models, but fully functional and never flooded) for 1 Z240. I am located in Croatia, so looking to buy only from EU sellers due to tax/customs fees for import from elsewhere. Payment with paypal unless you have a better option. Feel free to message me with offers should you have one for sale.
  4. It seems 4 Jumbo floats and only one Inon D2000 are almost positive (including a Retra Snoot), tested it today.
  5. Definely, transport above water is a nice little exercise. Thanks for the info, even with the dome the current setup is too negative...I will check out my options for the M float arms...
  6. I have just returned from one week of diving in Maldives (12 dives in total) and my right shoulder feels the weight of this setup (I made a lot of shots using one hand only), so it seems I must make it a bit more towards neutral. Currently, I have the following: NA-EM5 with either macro 65 port or zen 100 dome 2x Inon D2000 4x 8" plan aluminium arms + 4 stix jumbo floats Aluminium tray and handles The thing anyway sinks like a brick, did not have the time to test it prior and it was my first trip with 2 strobes instead of only one. To put it simple, what is your experience with similar setups, should I try with additional 4 jumbo floats (2 segments fit each arm perfectly) or I need to look for something bigger? Or I should just hit the gym? Appreciate your comments and 2 cents.
  7. 12 is definetly not wide enough (I have the 12-50), and 8mm is too wide, for sure. Advantage of the fisheye is that everything fits in the frame. Disadvantage at the same time is that too much fits in the frame and you do need to come close in order to fill the frame with one object/animal. Another advantage is the size for travelling, 8mm + 3,5 or 4" dome is very portable. However, everything comes with a price/performance or value tag, my setup includes only 60mm macro and 8mm, and if I need less than 8mm, I pick up the 12-50 which came as a kit lens with my EM5 and use it with the flat port for 60mm macro as a cheap workaround (3 lenses, two ports). In ideal life, 7-14 would be an option, but then again, I do not make money with this hobby, so for me it makes no sense spending that much on top. If I had a chance to try the 7-14 it might change my mind, but luckily where I live, mirroless systems underwater are so rare (even for topside, 7-14 is very egzotic to find), that it will not happen. Which is maybe good.
  8. To complicate things further, for Panasonic or Olympus 8mm you can also look at Zen 100 dome (4"), they are glass domes and can be found used for price of the acrylic ones if you care to spend some time. Considering there were no big appraisals for 9-18, I would say that the Panasonic setup is a winner if you look at the parameters you mentioned as well (price, size, quality). However, yes, you have to come close to fill the frame - I use it.
  9. I know this may sound silly, but have you tried ebay to look for the part or 3D printing service?
  10. I use the same macro port (65) for both, 12-50 & 60mm lens. It works just fine. Can you explain a bit more about this feathering? Not sure I understand.
  11. I have the EM5, and as Brian wrote, it is good to have both options. My primary choice is the viewfinder, but having a tilted LCD for those bizzare angles works nice, even though it feels somehow wrong to frame using the LCD. Just a feeling.
  12. I have been using this lens for some time now, and have not yet tried it with any kind of magnifier/close up lens so far. I found it to be very easy to use, fast AF (with my simple setup that includes only one strobe at the moment). Still learning though. Never had the need with MF so far, but then again, you can always do that without the zoom gear but by moving the camera. I keep it at 0.19 - infinity AF setting, F8, 1/250 (as that is max sync speed on EM5), below are some results from todays dive. First two photos are uncropped, on the 2nd one you can actually see some kind of a critter which is probably 1-2mm in size (if you look closer).
  13. Hi all, I got a chance to go and dive around island Vis (Croatia), beautiful place if you are into deeper dives and wreck (shallowest wreck is at 30m depth, most are 40-55m range, with a stunning B17 plane at 70m). Anyway, attached are some shots, hope you like them. Comments are also appreciated. Full gallery is on my facebook profile if you are interested to see more, it is publicly available. Please follow the link. Wreck Teti: Wreck Vassilios T.: Conger from wreck Teti (there are 4 of them): Green cave (cavern):
  14. Just go for it. I have the Panasonic 8mm, love it - top side and UW. Regarding the dome, I planned for a Nauticam 4.33 but got a chance to buy an older used zen dome (glass). So far so good.
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