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  1. I have this occurence on my EM5. Same problem, same resolution. Updated to the latest SW version this weekend, I need to test does it change anything, but it does not seem like a SW issue. Then again, if the card between the doors and the battery resolves the problem, I would consider it fixed.
  2. Looking to buy a fully functional Panasonic 8mm lens for m4/3. I am located in Europe, payment possible via paypal. Feel free to contact me if you wish to sell it.
  3. In case you are still looking, I got a used Zen 100mm glass dome - there is one native to mirorless nauticam housings but there is also a subal type 3 version for which you can get an adapter (I am going this route). This is the one: http://www.zenunderwater.com/products.php?prodID=4 The price is not on the cheaper side, but if you fish for used who knows.
  4. Hi all, I am looking to buy the items above, in mint or excellent condition. Cosmetic marks are not a problem, as long as the lens works, front and back glass elements are not scratched as well as the dome. If you are selling, let me know. Shipping in that case would be within EU, payment via paypal. Alex
  5. Hi Steve, I might be interested in 8mm lens + 4,33 FE port, so I am curious about the price if it is not sold already. Thanks!
  6. If you would be willing to split it, how much just for the 4.33 dome port?
  7. Set custom function keys to underwater mode - one fish/3 fishes icon (if you use 12-50 this also zooms to far end or wide), and it will fire even when positioned down.
  8. Go with EM5 if you can. Weather sealed body (+ lens) can help in case of a flood…one more point in favor of EM5.
  9. How much does it cost to retrofit one onto NA-EM5 in general? Maybe I could get it installed once it is maintenance time...
  10. This would mostly be in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. Are the EPL5 features you find missing in EM5 of use to you? I am not missing anything on my EM5 to complain about, apart maybe from perhaps focus peaking. However, this is irrelevant feature for underwater application and relates to old, manual focus lenses. Even if I was missing something, it is probably of little importance as I do not know I am missing something.
  11. This guy makes nice stuff, I dive one of his wings for 7 years now. Not a single problem so far. A friend has one for the doubles, also no problems. If you need a smaller one, he makes a 12lbs wing as well. https://www.deepseasupply.com/index.php?product=1332
  12. Hi Jason, how old is the unit and where would you ship from (where are you)? Thanks.
  13. I am selling one year old Nauticam flat port, 56mm, for Olympus mZD 14-42, mint condition, no scratches - 200 USD + shipping. Photos available. Exchange for something else is also possible - i.e. 2 arms (8"s or an 8+5") + 3 clamps or a panny 14mm/2.5 lens for m4/3. Located in Europe, so I would prefer to sell in that area but could send it anywhere, postage is buyers responsibility...
  14. Nice set of photos, thanks for sharing them! I agree with the comments above, VERY very lucky.
  15. Wow… looks like SMC is a must have.
  16. 65mm port for Nauticam will be fine for 12-50 and 60mm macro, most probably for something else as well, in a pinch (I use it, instead of the dedicated port for 12-50). Also, 12-50 can be zoomed from 12 to 50 and back via push of a button, in case you do not want to buy the zoom gear/dedicated port from the beginning. Not sure if this works on EPL5, somebody else should confirm.
  17. EPL5 is basically the same sensor as the one in EM5, as far as image quality goes. That alone is worth the difference, as it's a newer and better one than EPL3 which has also been used in previous models. I would go for EPL5 if the circumstances allow it. Nauticam housings, comparing to the Olympus ones win hands down, but it's apples to pears. Both will work, and I'd rather get a better imaging sensor (EPL5) then a better housing if I were to cut costs, providing they both keep the equipment dry. You can use the macro wet lens. Not sure about the WA. Edit: I use EM5 in Nauticam housing. Very nice stuff.
  18. Plain beautiful. Unfortunately, it took me 28hrs in each direction to reach/leave it hence I will not be able to visit frequently, but would love to come over a couple of more times.
  19. Great shots! What lens is this, 60mm macro + sub see or?
  20. Couple more… I wanted to eat my heart out because the Orangutan crab is not completely in focus (drift dive).
  21. Thanks Steve! I underexposed a bit on purpose, I wanted to get just enough light for colors to be restored/visible. I wanted to test out the equipment prior to the trip, but the strobe arrived 2 days before our flight so that was pretty much impossible. I am still pleased with results but this can be also much better. Next on to do is to practice with the strobe setup, before spending money on a dedicated macro lens...
  22. Hi all, my first contributions to this site, and after some time, first photos as well. Previously used a compact which got missing in action 2 years ago (never shot with external strobe before). Hope you enjoy them, OMD-EM5, 12-50 and Inon D2000, all shot at 50mm (and cropped in LR).
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