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  1. Hi everybody, Alex here, from Rijeka, Croatia. I lurked for some time to gather relevant info about gear setup and hopefully will be able to share some photos in about a month or so, after I return from my vacation. I dive throughout the year but I am just finishing my new setup (OMD-EM, NA-EM5, etc) which will be ready soon. Just in time to do a check dive and depart to more exotic parts of the globe. Last shots I did uw were about 2 years ago with small Fuji e900 and an Ike housing using only built in pop up flash. It went missing in action one day after a deco dive…was not worth risking going straight back for it and I never managed to recover it since. For those interested, they are available on my Facebook, all shot in the Adriatic sea: https://www.facebook.com/stancin/media_set?set=a.14631039629.20936.670324629&type=3 Otherwise, diving since 2005, Padi DM and also an occasional Trimix diver (certified for up to 60m depth), depending on horoscope and proper buddies to go along with. Nice reading you so far and I hope to be able and contribute soon!
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