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  1. Congrats to all the winners and especialy to Keri for the BOS Wonderful pictures! This is my picture, the winner of togetherness category: Cheers Dany Weinberg
  2. Perfect condition, 200 EUROS both+shiping from Israel. Dany
  3. Excellent condition, caps & spare O-ring. 270$ both shipment from Israel. Dany
  4. Yes, after I'll sell my Seacam equipment. Thanks Dany Weinberg
  5. Hello, My name is Dany Weinberg from Israel. I'll sale all the eqipment detailed below as a package since I'm upgrading my camera and changing system. The price is calculated based on 2/3 from new Seacam price, as apearing on the site of SEACAM USA. I don't use to write here to much, but Arnon Ayal, a well-known Wetpixel member who bought my last complete system, can voutch about my reliability. Tha equipment is in use since march this year and it is in very good condition.It has only few superficial minor rubs. I can post tomorrow some pictures of my system on request. SEACAM housing for Nikon D200 includes SCM switch, 2 S6 SOCKETS AND LEAK DEDECTOR -2377euro SEACAM Swivel 45 degree Viewfinder-907euro FP FISHEYEPORT- 810euro P 105 MACROPORT for AF 60 2,8D MICRO-152euro PVL 25 PORTEXTENSION ( attached to the P 105 MACROPORT fits the old model 105 macro)-100euro PVL 35 PORTEXTENSION- 100euro ZOOM GEAR FOR TOKINA 10-17 FE/SIGMA17-70 (NONE HSM MODEL)-90euro 2 CABELS S6 - IKE- 370euro TLC ARM PIECE-20euro NEOPREN CAPS FOR PORTS+ STANDART SEACAM SPARE PARTS IN A NEOPREN BAG. Total package price: 4906euro= 6550$ Dany Weinberg PS: I will sell the camera as well if the purchaser would be interested.
  6. Hey BrantD, I'ts funny because I just bought last week the 17-70 (non HSM) for my SEACAM D200 and I didn't like the idea of spending $$$ for a costum zoom gear. I tried without to much expectations to "dress" the lens with the zoom gear of my Tokina 10-17 and it (almost) fit like a glove. just a thin gap between them. I used an old ikelite rubber strips (provided with their zoom gear) and stick it to the lense's zoom barel. It works perfect! BTW For Seacam users, the combination that I use for this lens is the FP + PVL 30. No Vignetting! I almost love this lens: Almost macro, almost wide on the same dive , like bad old days of P&S. Dany
  7. My friend will get soon his Sea&Sea housing for The Nikon D80. At the moment he is interested in purchasing ports for his Nikon 60mm macro, and for his old kit lens (18-70mm, should it be dome or flat port+zoom gear BTW?). I find the Sea&Sea site and documentation very unclear. Can any one post the product numbers of the correct Sea &Sea ports, so he can make his order? Thank's, Dany Weinberg
  8. Hi Gerard, I had the same problem with Ikelite housing, dual 125s' and my Nikon D200. My pictures were constantly underexposed either on TTL or manual, even with the max compensation (2 or 3 stops if I remember correctly). It was very frustrating since I have just sent them to Ikelite for the new circuit upgrade. However, I was lucky enough, end a few months ago I had a malfunction on my main DS125. I sent it again for repair. When it came back miraculously I was able to get proper exposures again. I believe that our TTL circuit in the housing is very similar so I would strongly consider sending your strobe for examination. Dany
  9. After a shallow dive with on a sandy bottom, I noticed to hear creakiness, screech noises every time that I switch position and rotate my Ikelite's ONOFFTEST switch. It look's like I have sand grains stucked under my switch. I tried to dip the strobe in fresh water and rotate the switch to remove the sand grains with no results. Is it safe to open the switch's screw and remove the grains? Any suggestions?
  10. Great shots Alex, your pictures are very inspiring.
  11. Hi Scubag, I've been on the Lammer law at July 2000 for a 10 days trip (with Michel from the post above ) and I had the time of my life. we spent 4 or 5 days at Wolf and Darwin and were lucky to encounter about 20 whale sharks and tons of hammerheads. I'ts a beautiful, comfortable vessel, the staff was great and the guide was very skillful. We had 3 dives per day. We were only 5 divers on the boat and we entered the water as a group, but once in the water, we had all the freedom a photographer could ask for. Dany
  12. The 60mm is one of my favorite lenses and it's an excelent choise for fish portraits or non shystatic objects. About the wide angle options, I usualy use the Sigma 15mm fisheye. it's a very sharp lens and it focus from extremely close distance (Excelent for WA closeup) . I had the chance to try my friend's Nikon 12-24 last week on a trip to south Egypt without the special Ikelite's zoom gear, so I had to use it only with fixed focal lengths. I was shoting mostly within the 12-14mm range and at first I was a litlle disappointed by the relatively soft results (straight from my S2) on my laptop comparing to the my Sigma. Plus I had some focusing problems with the Nikon in dim light situations (inside wrecks) comparing to the Sigma. however the CA performances of the Nikon were better than what I know from the Sigma. At home on my desktop, Higher values of USM improved the results and I got the pictures as sharp as with my Sigma. I suppose that on the 16-24mm range the sharpness is getting better. I'll try to update my galery soon so I can post some results.
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