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  1. I wrote a blog on my website with a few simple tips that hopefully will help any underwater video shooters out there. I learnt them right at the start of my career, so they are mostly aimed at newbies I guess, but I still find them useful today, after 17 years of filming underwater. Five Simple tips to improve your underwater video
  2. Hi I'm selling off a couple of port extenders. $750 - PE486B+PE390E $550 - PE486 Spare O-rings included with both. A bit more info on the Red website here Cheers
  3. Scubazoo hired me for an interesting shoot in August. It was in the deep tank at Pinewood and featured some massive Arri lights plus some very game models in big dresses! Not my normal cup of tea but a fun challenge and I think the result is very nice. The Commercial has just been released online. You can read more about the shoot, gear etc and watch the video on my blog - the link button doesn't seem to work so here is the url - http://www.roger-munns.com/commercial-shoot-at-pinewood-iskandar-malaysia-studio/
  4. Sony just announced the new PXW-Z150 which might explain the price drop in the AX100. Looks good as an EX1 type replacement but lacks slomo at 4K and also no S-log which is a shame.
  5. Anyone used these Ultralight Tripod legs before? Thinking of getting some and wondering how sturdy they are when extended. Thanks in advance for any advice Link to legs
  6. Thanks Drew. That's all great information. Going from your experience it probably needs more time to play around than I'll have on the shoot. Reckon I'll keep things simple this time and then experiment with some filters when I get some 'play' time later this year. Cheers mate.
  7. Thanks everyone. I've used red light as a spotting light before underwater in the same way as Tom. Then shooting for a small time period with normal lights until the larvae start getting in front of the lens. I was hoping to be able to shoot with red light throughout but it seems like that might not do the trick from Interceptor's feedback. Anyhow I have some red gel on order and some seawolf lights so I'll let you know how I go.
  8. Anyone have any experience shooting with red gel on video lights during night dives? The idea being of course to avoid annoying wildlife and limit those pesky larvae that like the lights so much. Any advice on specific gels to use will be gratefully accepted.
  9. Slow motion bubble ring time GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition @100fps
  10. This unit is still available and would be a great purchase for a budding camera operator. Full HD, accepted by all the big broadcasters. I've dropped the price to USD7,500. Bargain!
  11. Just sharing another 'in 60seconds' edit featuring some shots from Hawaii at a FAD. Enjoy!
  12. Hi Moses. The resort are definitely very strict on enforcing a 40m depth policy. They have to as they are in the middle of the South China Sea and have no chamber. As far as the warmer water goes, my take would be that it can vary. I always found March and April to have the thermocline a little higher at 20-25m. It wasn't always the case, sometimes we would see them at 30m sometimes 15m and sometimes down deep at 60m+. I guess you'd need to get some feedback from divers who have been there at the start of this season or contact the dive centre directly. There's a resort on the island. They have a charter flight from Kota Kinabalu. Google 'Avilion Layang Layang resort' - that should get you the info you need.
  13. This is a video from Layang Layang. I worked there for 9 months in 2001-2002 (a while ago admittedly) and I reckon it's the most reliable hammerhead dive in SE Asia. Not guaranteed of course but if you take a five day trip you'd be very unlucky not to see a few. Best time to go is March or April. Enjoy....
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