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  1. Very very sad news. David and Scubacam were such an institution and a fixture in Singapore. Always tinkering with something new, never quite finishing the previous project! He was a treasure trove of information, and it was a must to go and have a few mugs of beer with him when passing through Singapore. RIP David.

  2. Scubazoo hired me for an interesting shoot in August. It was in the deep tank at Pinewood and featured some massive Arri lights plus some very game models in big dresses! Not my normal cup of tea but a fun challenge and I think the result is very nice. The Commercial has just been released online. You can read more about the shoot, gear etc and watch the video on my blog - the link button doesn't seem to work so here is the url - http://www.roger-munns.com/commercial-shoot-at-pinewood-iskandar-malaysia-studio/

  3. Hey Munnster

    Over the years, I've experimented with red lights for night shoots to reduce wriggly larvae things. The important thing is to counter the red light with a filter on the lens.

    With 6000°K+ HMI/LED/HID lights, I used double Lee 622 or CL106 filters on the lights and to counter on the lens, I've tried blue Lee CL119/141 and greens Lee 131/CL115 and a few others. I always MWB and then color correct in post. Since you are shooting RAW, then obviously the MWB is just for reference.

    Just remember you're removing about 3-5 stops of light depending on filters so the noise can creep up a bit. The post boys can handle the rest. It's a lot of work though. Hope this helps.

    Thanks Drew. That's all great information. Going from your experience it probably needs more time to play around than I'll have on the shoot. Reckon I'll keep things simple this time and then experiment with some filters when I get some 'play' time later this year. Cheers mate.

  4. Thanks everyone. I've used red light as a spotting light before underwater in the same way as Tom. Then shooting for a small time period with normal lights until the larvae start getting in front of the lens. I was hoping to be able to shoot with red light throughout but it seems like that might not do the trick from Interceptor's feedback. Anyhow I have some red gel on order and some seawolf lights so I'll let you know how I go.

  5. Roo, I have been wanting to dive Layang Layang for a while but every time I go home it's not the right season. Next year I will be in Asia between late March to mid April, so I think it's a right season.


    Just want to check with you, I read/heard that the hammerhead there do not come up to more shallow area anymore, normally around 130ft due to the water getting too warm etc. I also heard that the dive resort forbid divers to go below 115ft other wise they make you sit out diving for one day as punishment. What do you know about all these especially the most recent news?





    Hi Moses. The resort are definitely very strict on enforcing a 40m depth policy. They have to as they are in the middle of the South China Sea and have no chamber. As far as the warmer water goes, my take would be that it can vary. I always found March and April to have the thermocline a little higher at 20-25m. It wasn't always the case, sometimes we would see them at 30m sometimes 15m and sometimes down deep at 60m+. I guess you'd need to get some feedback from divers who have been there at the start of this season or contact the dive centre directly.


    Very good to know - I've been looking for a hammerhead site nearer to my location. How is the best way to get there?

    There's a resort on the island. They have a charter flight from Kota Kinabalu. Google 'Avilion Layang Layang resort' - that should get you the info you need.

  6. Hi Roo, is ScubaJunkie the dive operator that goes there? Thinking of going back home to KK next March and pay a visit to Sipadan, probably stay at Kapalai. Been to Sipadan twice, haven't seen the barracuda tornado yet, and certainly not manta ray!


    Oh, Sipadan Barrier Reef doesn't need permit does it? Kind of bored with Mabul so I want to go some place with more reef.



    Yes ScubaJunkie is the operator that goes there. They've had some great mobula encounters there with large schools sometimes. No Permit needed :)

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