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  1. After suffering with a stills camera for the last 3 years I have finally decided to bring my first love of film making to my second love of diving. But shame on me for thinking it was going to be easy! The choice of camera is thankfully massively reduced by my own desire to be able to shoot broadcast quality footage. I know it's not always the primary concern when looking for a first setup but as I work with broadcast footage I just know I'll be dissapointed with domestic quality. My problem is this.. The Sony PD170 is standard broadcast, but as it has a b+w viewfinder the only way to get colour correct balancing for your shot is to add an external colour monitor. Now if money was no option I'd go straight for the Gates housing with a wide angle port, but as the PD170 is at least £1800 and the Gates housing a staggering £3460 with monitor - well lets just say that's a little over the budget! So I have almost swayed to the Canon GL2/XM2 which has colour viewfinder as well as the flip out monitor. It has LANc conectivity for an electronic housing and there are a wide range available. I spoke with a dealer today and they advised against the Ikelite housings for larger cameras as they can be very unweildy underwater (even though they are cheaper!), plus you can't add a monitor to these without drilling the housing (*alarm bells ringing!*) So I'm now stuck between going for the fully electronic Dolphin housing, or the Equinox/Aquacam manual housings. - what I really need to know is how likely is it that the electronic components will fail? I totally understand the logic for going totally manual, but surely if the electronic controls are constantly breaking then people wouldn't buy the housings?!?! It's not like I'll be using the housing everyday, more like using it for about a week solid on holiday then giving it a month-or-so rest. - Has anyone got an electronic housing from dolphin? Can you tell me how reliable they are, or if you have had issues with them and had repairs done - how did that go? Many thanks in advance for your help and advice.
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