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  1. Thanks Ana for your reply. I will play with the manual settings. After all, what good is buying a camera with all these options if I'm not going to explore them. Plus it will give me a reason to dive more often (as if I need any more reasons!!)
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to diving and even newer to photography and even newer to Wetpixel. I have an Olympus C-60 (which I normally use in Automatic mode) and recently purchased the PT-024 housing for it. I would appreciate any tips or ideas on how to set my camera up to get good quality pictures under water? Can I use the automatic setting or will I have to set things up manually? Will I need a strobe, and if so, is the Sunpak G a good choice for this camera? I don't want to spend a fortune on extra equipment and don't want a huge setup. Thanks in advance and happy diving !! Doug
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