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  1. there is two solutions: setup inCP5000 no flash before switch on ext strobe; and setup camera Wide angle lens. did not checked UW , but looks like all ok after that with my CP5000+ds125. good luck
  2. well if 19mm is good for macro, I gave up. need to check but its against optical rules i presume.. of course you can do "macro" with wide angle, but in opposite side we are looking for something what can "zoom" your subject and be a bit far away.. but not 2cm from your subj. may be I'm wrong.. just let me know. right now, I see only one argument is "possibility to loose expoensive stuff accidentally" which is not reallly excuse.
  3. James, why S2 but not D100 ??? what housing do you use? thanks;)
  4. Mariano, Do not go to James recomendations please ... (joke of course).. not much things you'll sacrifice for sure.. you do not have D100 and probably you are not going to put your pics in National Geographic magazine.. right? Also perhaps you'll not see any difference between shot done with watermate lens and dome port.. especially with CP5000 class camera..try to check.. you will not find difference if you are not really professional.. hopefully James will be agreed with me.. But real advantages what watermate lens has is great flexibility between Macro (without lens) and wide angle (with lense just attached under water). Is'nt the target in your dream if you are fprmer Nikonos photographer? Especially when you have your wide angle 16mm lens attached to 35mm and just found super nice nudies behind you. Get watermate lens and forget about reduced quality.. I've got 100 deg Aquatica lens.. work perfect with A5000 and CP5000 together. S&S or Inon is matter of taste and housing.. take what you like. good luck.. p.s. if you still has intention to put your wide angle pics to NG.. erase from memory what I mentioned on above.. but if its only for home collection or frame 20x30cm on your wall.. go by my way..
  5. Hi James, Supposed I fixed that problem. Try to guess how I manage to switch off internal strob? After that all suposed to be ok, but a shore at present time .. will check under water and hope all will be ok as well .. cheers
  6. forgot to say that of course JPEG and fine and 3:2 (but its matter of taste).. and of course normal CF 128M instead slow 1G Microdrive.
  7. guys, of course thanks a lot for your reference.. but tell me are you using CP5000+DS125+A5000 and everything is fine.. shatter lag 1-2 sec ? Which acceptable.. there is no much issue in that setup what James mentioned recently. I tried various things and no real reasult. Of course best idea is M- thats what I did. so what else? AF continous- yes it was done, even as single same result. reduce strob level does not have any effect at least visual in picture, so put 0. actually I'm vey pessimistic about that information what posted recently. For sure CP5000 shell be set to manual.. AF spot and supposed to be continues (not sure). Color or WB preferences its matter of taste. AE lock can not be used due to side strob will be off. Focus was Manual or Auto but I've seen Auto faster. Even I put Sharp but its also matter of taste. D-Zoom off but I did not used fixed app. due to dont see no reason and its not so critical. All the rest is matter of taste. For me is very interesting does anyone used same combination of rig what I've got??? DS125 was delivered Aug, does not looks fresh and its good in matter of bugs. 1.6 firm also common use. A5000 ? I cant fins any possible influence from this device for shatter lag. Also its similar problem on a shore. Its like real bug- soetime camera work perfect and sometimes not.. strob does not fire and up to 15 sec lag.. all above mentioned concern only to DS125+CP5000+A5000 combination. WIthout DS125 CP5000 work perfect. Need some help from you guys who used similar combination of HW or who can teach me where is my mistake. Will really appreciate... very painfull spend 3000 USD for nothing ;o)
  8. Does anyone has expirience with this combination? It was nightmare to try it last trip to Indonesia. Shatter lag was up to 15 sec!!! You have to push button and keep it even there was green light confirmation for focus... sometimes camera looks like halted and need to be off and re start. Its looks like flash do not "want" to fire.. Is it related to pre flash of internal strob ? or something else..?? firm ware 1.6 in CP5000. Housing new one just received from Aquatica. DS125 setup to TTL and it work fine (checked on a shore).. Does any one has similar problem? Grig:(
  9. Guys.. you make me smile .. Sing is best place to buy UW gear even photo or even SCUBA .. all you need is to know where.. If you looking for photo camera the best place Sim Lim and it will be only 10% more expensive then USA, but of course cheapper then EU. UW housing better you check distributor of manufacturer and call them upon arrival.. could be something in stock. And remember- Sing cheaper and better in matter of UW stuff purchase then EU and especially Germany.. cheers
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