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  1. 5 years after hanging up my Poseidons and flogging my Nauticam, I've compiled a longer retrospective of my relatively brief career: https://timpriest.smugmug.com/Diving/ The WETPIXEL sticker on my tripod still confuses some, who think it something pornographic... ... and my favourite images still leave audiences cold:
  2. Congratulations, again! It is a great time for underwater photography... ... I no longer clutter up diveboats with ridiculous machines from Hong Kong, and no longer stir up dive sites with the backwash from funny American fins! I'm tempted to buy a copy, anyway...
  3. Your second unknown fish is a Forster's Hawkfish: if you have a close-up you might see the characteristic fan at the end of each dorsal fin ray. They love to swim off just as you focus...
  4. Look at the guided trips in Underwater Photography web magazine. I found them (particularly Alex Mustard's) very rewarding, before age and poverty caught up with me...
  5. It's sad to hear about the typhoon. Odyssey and the Blue Lagoon have always, in my opinion, been superior to Captain Lance's lackadaisical gimcrack operation, redeemed only by his Trukkese staff.
  6. Wot!? No mermaids? But it still looks like a cool trip...
  7. I know. I am a dinosaur... ... and pining, a little, for my Poseidons as I drive around in my hairdresser's/sports Audi TT Mk III that was my consolation prize for giving up the bubbles.
  8. This thread is truly depressing, for existing at all. I hope that, by the time that I picked up a proper camera, I had learned to look and not touch. The excuse (and it is an excuse) that one kind of harm is less serious than another doesn't wash. Perhaps it's as well that I'm no longer in the game...
  9. Even though I paid for my D810 and 14-24mm f2.8 with the proceeds from the sale of my Nauticam and D800, I still got the skillet last week... ... perhaps it was ordering the Audi?
  10. Just preset to infinity. But don't expect very good images: exposure is a nightmare, particularly after the joys of digital underwater photography.
  11. Shame on you! I'm very fond of painted frogfish and moray eels: they are often gorgeous! I shall miss visiting them...
  12. Oh, yes. I think that it's experience, and I have found that I do much better visiting sites that I've dived before. Of course, there's the distraction of a more expensive camera, and then there's joining a workshop which doesn't hurt, either...
  13. Well, I do have to thank you for inspiring and even suggesting a fair number...
  14. Hmmnnn: I'm not so sure. The plankton is picked out by both the yacht's spotlights and the not-exactly-video-lights that I was using.
  15. As foretold, or perhaps threatened, I've found my hundred favourite images to reflect on the things that I've seen as a diver. My best shot?
  16. I began by wanting to show non-divers what I enjoyed, no what I loved, about being underwater. I don't know if I succeeded, but I've just put a summary of my underwater photographer's life on Flickr.
  17. But if you want something truly amazing, look at this. One of the best short videos that I've ever seen...
  18. Hey!! Yourself... ... it was good, but its over. My former D800 system is flying to New Zealand for Crayfish to enjoy, after a brief hiccup with the customs declaration. I spent so much with you that I can only expect he won't need to be a good customer himself!
  19. Don't listen to 'em, Ken! After my experiences in Truk (and the Sudan, and a swimming pool at a dive centre in England) I have only the deepest sympathy. I could have sold you a complete D800 system, but its proud new owner is waiting in New Zealand for a large yellow Pelican case of goodies... ... complete with vacuum leak detector, of course (although it didn't prevent the Tragedy of Truk).
  20. At long last, the images from my final trip, Raja Ampat aboard Indo Siren.
  21. For sale: UK Complete Nauticam set-up with D800, macro and fisheye lenses for a keen photographer interested in DSLR. Nauticam D800 housing, 45-degree finder, vacuum leak detector Nauticam large glass dome Nauticam Macro port + Fit diopter Ultralight arms and ball joints Focus light Small Inon strobes and fibre-optic cables x2 (ideal for macro) D800 body Nikon 105mm macro lens 15mm fisheye lens Bits and pieces Large Pelican case Full details later Price all-in £3500 (estimated new £8000+). Images taken with this system on Wetpixel!
  22. Blue can be clean, too... The exposure is a bit harder as you need a longer shutter speed and a wider aperture, but it makes a change from black. Alternatively, you can use a wider aperture to throw the background out of focus:
  23. You aren't going to get great diving, easy flights and upmarket land-side accomodation: I think that two out of three is the best that you'll manage.
  24. A very nice set, even if you have a bit of an engine-room fetish... ... for myself, the tanks and the aircraft were the best of my trip last spring... ... the weather and the visibility weren't!
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