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  1. Ikelite is an extremely good company. Let them know about the need for a spring loaded control, and they will probably change it (i.e. design). They like happy customers not those who miss the whale shark because you bumped the control.
  2. Instead of starting a new thread I'll ask you guys who have the HF-10 my question. How do you find the absence of a viewfinder on the camera in comparison to ones that have them, easier, unnecessarily shortens battery life, screen dazzles, hard to align to subject? This camcorder is number one on my list but its clearly in its infancy in a housing. Reading the other thread it almost seems like I can safely wait to get a housing (Ikelite) due to port issues. Anybody use Nero to manage the AVCHD format? I am going to buy online, so locally I have looked at the unit at Best Buy, where the staff is clueless. Does the camera use the SDHC card as a direct source for recording or do you have to transfer after its recorded, or both? Thanks, looking to be a HF-10 owner by Oct. 26 Chris
  3. I may have found a good boat. Not big enough for a compressor or sleep aboard, but will do for now. More details to come. New release. --Chris
  4. Dan I meant liquid CPU and Chipset cooling. Like these http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.as...e=Water-Cooling
  5. As my brother said with flying, boating is the same, you'd never do it if you try to justify the expense. Life is short play hard!
  6. Thanks for the replies! This kinda went a direction I didn't anticipate but it does bring up all my quandaries? What has gotten me on the subject is the highway robbery we are so accustomed to paying. I recently chartered at boat out of Tortola which was to my advantage "out of commission." They in exchange gave me a 434. This boat had 4 cabins, 4 heads. To my dismay the condition of the boat was O.K. Two of the heads didn't work and the boat had an engine that smoked like it was trying to get cancer. Plus other age related issues. Right now you can go online and charter this boat for a hefty $5,000+ for a week. Wife not interested in a liveaboard with strangers. Dry storage is very hard to come by so it would have to "pay for itself" i.e. be used when I am not using it. Range needs to be greater than 150 nm. I would need to be able to get to Antigua or St. Maarten. In response to Giles you could take it to the Caymans. I'd need a two week vacation to pull it off though! Dive shops in the islands charge $100 to $150 for a two tank dive, no HP fills and O2 fill is $32. If your SAC are decent they are calling the dive when you have more than 1,500 2,000 psi left due to tourists. The other pain in the side is they don't left you go off on your own to take photos!!! Lastly they are lunch driven. They go to the same sites, end the day and go grab lunch and happy hour. (not all and probably none, just feels that way). Related to the original post anybody use liquid cooling of the computer(s)? If you don't need airflow in the case you can waterproof a PC. I do have ideas on building a PC to meet these demands minus the liquid cooling. Never used it and the thought of a leak... There is a 50/50 chance we may wind up there as residents. I'll be down there next week. Co-op of a Beneteau Flyer 12 or Jeanneau 42S would be top end, with a RedBay 6.5m would be the low end. Having a dry A/C cabin would be nice. We visit both the USVI and the BVI enough that we know the grounds and can stay ashore if no sleep aboard capability. So the 8.4E is right in the middle. I don't mind cold water diving, wife a no go! I am a sailor at heart but sailboats don't get you from site to site fast enough. Towing a 6.5m from a sailboat could work but is something I cannot afford. --Chris
  7. Hello! I'm not sure if this subject has ever come up, but if you could buy and outfit your own dive boat what and how would you do it? Buy new or used? RIB or hard boat? Also, where would you put it? Anybody already have their own boat? Are there any fellow Captains on Wetpixel? My wife and I visit the USVI and the BVI enough that we are giving it some consideration. Right now we own a small boat that can carry us to dive sites and carry tanks but that's about it, no accommodations. Things I would like to put on board would be minimally an air compressor, GPS/Nav, freshwater shower. I am a cert. gas blender, so I would at least add a Nitrox stick. Not sure how you could install a computer and have it last in salt air? Given the large number of sites from Western Puerto Rico to Anegada, BVI, we won't run out of sites or subjects. February whales can be found in the region so a boat with decent range is in order. The hardest part about boating down there is dry storage. Also, balance cost of use 4 times a year as solo owner vs. co-op or hire a 6 pac (USCG) cert. Captain and charter it? Liability seems high with that. My first thought is a RedBay Stormforce 8.4E Ideas, comments, Chris
  8. Congrats! My wife and I were married last year and we honeymooned at www.peterisland.com in the BVI I HIGHLY recommend it! Hopefully that's not crazy expensive? I saved up frequent flyer miles to cut into airfare cost. Relative to cost of weddings these days, honeymoon is drop in bucket... I set up their diving package. We had 4, two tank dives each. http://www.peterisland.com/aquaadventure.html Privacy is top notch. By day 2 into day 3 staff knew both of our names. Room, oh my goodness! PM me for more details. ...and not to forget the RMS Rhone --Chris
  9. I have actually seen Pheasant around Chicago. They are returning as well.
  10. I have the 5D and it works fine. With Windows download and the run Windows Update!
  11. Hello! Microsoft has an add-on program that will allow you to view RAW images along with others in the Windows image and fax viewer. This allows you to see RAW files in folder without opening any programs. Hope all find this useful. --Chris http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en also for full PowerToy list http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloa...ys/default.mspx
  12. You didn't hear? You get first fill by Ourei Harada...
  13. I would research local laws on subject, but TAKE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIVING OR THAT WAS LIVING. Million dollars in gold sure...
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