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  1. Hi Jeff,

    There is not too much you can do in post to make a great image out of this one. The first issue I see is that it's not in focus, or the shutter speed was not quite short enough to avoid a slightly blurred image. It's also hard to make a fish pop if its shot against the bottom. Just a real tough situation. You could try darkening the coral rubble and surrounding reef with the adjustment brush to focus the eye more on the fish and tweak the white balance a touch. Sharpening a bit would help the blur.




    My best advice is to go back and try again. Shoot up and try and get all of the fish in the frame, cutting off those dorsal tips really changes the image for me. Its great you shared your image with us, we want to see the next version too. :uwphotog:




  2. Hi Michael,

    Just add a reply that notes items sold and if you'd like, what's still available. This way folks don't delete the trail or whole posts when items are sold and our members and readers can see what's happened. Our experience has told us that is more efficient if the objective is to provide information.




  3. HI Petra,

    If you're truly having issues with Lightning I'd suggest finding a nice cozy mahogany drop off and a bottle of you favorite rum and sit out the storm. :drink: I'd had some very memorable dives under ongoing Lightning storms but it's not for everybody. If you really meant lighting (as in strobes) I'd council to get yourself a copy of The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge, still the bible for strobe positions and basic skills to learn. There are also some great websites that have some really good information. The Underwater Photography Guide has some good examples on their website as one example. I've found no matter how much book learning you can get it's still necessary to get in the pool and practice. If none of that advice helps there is always the reminder to shoot up.


    In the image you attached I would think about pointing the strobes higher so the bottom of the light cones just cross at the little ray. No reason the light the bottom. The bright bottom also makes the shadows more prominent. Might look something like this;




    Good luck!


  4. Hi Chris,

    I haven't experienced that before. Server seems to be okay this morning. I can assure you that there were some new posts. I have sometimes gotten funny messages when I accedently clicked on members instead of forums. What happens when you select show me the last 24 hrs?



  5. Gentlemen, as a moderator I must in good conscious point out the blatantly sexist overtones of this thread. In my experience if you buy a new piece of gear your better half deserves one of equal value and will most likely out shoot you with it. The ladies who frequent Wetpixel aren't swayed by bobbles or gem stones. Now a new dome or some shiny new glass might get their attention.




  6. Thanks Peter,

    Absolutely love the idea and congratulate you for the outstanding effort. (I knew it was 2013, I just can't type)


    I have a quote from Dr. Sylvia Earl on the front page of my personal website that we probably should adopt for the Fin Foundation.


    " Far and away the greatest threat to the ocean and thus ourselves is ignorance, but we can do something about that"




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