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  1. Thanks Ross! Really appreciate your thoughts. Just a couple of questions; does your rig have the vacumn system? When do we get to see some images? Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi Pam, Check out Adobe's response to a similar problem report here; http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/frustrated_preview_cache It could be because the preview is corrupted. Why it got corrupted is another story. Could be nothing, in rare occasions it could be the drive starting to fail? I'm sure you have it backed up yes? Good luck, Steve
  3. Hi Allison, I'm not sure which image you are thinking of. I saw the Backscatter flip filters at DEMA and they look very good. Here is a picture from their website; They have different options depending on depth, green water, etc. even one for flouorescence. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/bs-flip31-combo.lasso Cheers, Steve
  4. Hi Pam, Brilliant! It looks great. It's amazing how many really good images you've been able to capture in a short time. Congrats, Steve
  5. Thanks Walt! My new machine is supposed to arrive this week so your timing is perfect. I'm still reading up and watching videos on how the Finder works. Cheers, Steve
  6. Outstanding Simon! Blue ring imagery is really unbelievable stuff. Congrats on a heck of a year! Cheers, Steve
  7. Nothing I could post could come close to the importance and significance of Alex's image. Congrats partner! I do have a favorite from this year but it was made by my son Jeff. It was the first time we had gotten to dive together in many years and it was a great trip to the Revillagigedos Islands. There were so many dives with so many big Oceanic Mantas in the water that we had time to set up shots of each other. It doesn't get much better than a great dive trip with your son. Happy New Year, Cheers! Steve
  8. Super job! Looks like you had a great trip. Cheers, Steve
  9. Thnaks for all the advice guys, I'm amazed by the availability of amazing computing power and inexpensive memory. We live in interesting times! Cheers, Steve
  10. Thanks guys, I hadn't thought about the video requirements Drew, The last trip when we used my sons MCP we didn't process any video on the boat and the 1TB wasn't an option for the 13.3 system on the Apple website I was looking at. Another reason to reconsider the 15. Time to head to the Apple Store. I appreciate all your help. Cheers, Steve
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate the thoughts. Gives me something to think about. I'll head out to the Apple Store and compare. I really wasn't ready to spend the kind of money a full spec machine costs. I'm still trying to save up to house my 5D MKIII, Guess, I'm trying to find the sweet spot between cost and functionality. Simon, do you have a good website for tracking Apple rumored upgrades? I hadn't seen anything about the next gen air. Cheers, Steve
  12. Hey folks, I need some help choosing/configuring a new laptop. I’ve been a PC user for years but I had a chance to use my son's MacBook on our last trip and I think it’s time to make the conversion. I love the Retina display and the whole feeling of an integrated system. I have to tell you that the last time I owned a Mac it had a II in the model number, it’s been a while, so I’m pretty clueless in defining my new laptop. I want a travel machine that will process my 5DMkIII images and video quickly in Lightroom while running Photoshop occasionally. I’m OK with the weight of 13“ Mac Book Pro. Left to my own devices I’m thinking; · 2.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Processor · 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM; · 256 GB PCIe-based Flash Storage · 13.3-inch IPS Retina Display, 2560-by-1600 resolution Do you guys think that will do the processing I need on trips? I’ll have my I7 quad core machine at home to do any really heavy lifting like video editing. What would you upgrade or balance differently? Cheers, Steve
  13. Another thing to remember is that your ports and potential viewfinder can be used on your next housing and for the most part retain their value. Steve
  14. Hi Elmer, What o-ring grease did you change to? For your Subal rig? Steve
  15. Hi Bert, Have you tried a couple of strap wrenchs? I always carry two in my gear bag. Works every time for me. Good luck, Steve
  16. Hi Mark, The one time I had something similar happen it was a CF card that was starting to fail. Switched out the card and it never happened again. You don't see the issue if you use Bridge or ACR? Steve
  17. Try clicking the "more reply options", bottom right corner to add images. "Choose File" then "Attach This File" then click "add to post" This one is 900 x 600. Give it a try and let us know if you have any problems. You can also just paste in a link to the image if it's already on the web, (Flickr, your website, etc.) There is also our advanced uploader (requires Flash9) that I haven't tried yet, Cheers, Steve
  18. So many amazing images Tim. Congratulations! From all appearances it was well worth some travel hassles. Cheers! Steve
  19. Thanks for sharing it with us. So much fun to see fresh water done well. Cheers, Steve
  20. Hi Ronni, I havent tried Light painting underwater yet but we've been thinking about it a fair amount. I got hooked on light painting up in the air and love the creative possibilities. I'd recommend thinking about using multiple exposures of 30 sec since thats the max on most cameras without resorting to a bulb shutter setting which will be tough in a housing. The other benefit is our cameras have much less noise than if used for a long enough exposure to paint light on a shipwreck. My 7D gets very noisy at long exposures. I've made it work as long as 20 minutes but the work in post is not worth it. It's much easier to layer multiple 30 sec exposure images using PS "Lighten" blend mode. I use Lightroom to capture the files then select all the images I want to take to PS, right click inside one of them and you'll get the option to make all of the selected images layers in one Photoshop file. Blend in Lighten mode and the lightest, (most lit) portions of each file show up. Crazy easy way to make light painting images I've played with the technique on land quite a bit but havent had the opportunity top to try it underwater. A stable fixed location tripod will be a must, and will be much easier with two folks, one on the camera and one with a light. We use our Solas on land, nice even wide light. Possibilities with shipwrecks and large areas of reef are fascinating to think about. Its alot of fun to be in front of the camera with a light but remain unseen. When you combine the lightpainting with other composite techniques you can have all kinds of fun. Heres an example of the land using the technique described. It's 12 images combined in Photoshop, made over a period off about 4 hours. No flash was used, all the light from our Solas for the jeeps and a 3 million candle power 12 v light on a motorcycle battery for the cactus and background. Would love to hear more about what you're planning to shoot. Cheers, Steve
  21. Hi Rene, Probably the wrong place to come for strokes. But strobes are another matter. What kind of camera are you using or thinking about getting? Steve
  22. Howdy, I have been using the 45 for a couple of years now and don't know how I ever shot without it. As you say it puts you in a much better position for normal shooting situations. I love it for macro in places like Lembeh, it keeps me off the bottom and lets me get the low angle without disturbing the sand. I loved it for snorkling with big animals like whales and whale sharks. It allows you to stay in a swimming position and still be able to frame and shoot on the move. It took me a couple of hours of practise in the pool to get used to where it was pointing the camera. If you wait till you're on a big trip, with beautiful images dancing in front of you it could be frustrating until you get used to it. A little practise goes a long way. The only problem I have is forgeting to rotate the viewfinder for portrait shots, I still have that issue occasionally and find myself looking sideways trying to frame. If I'd just remember to rotate the finder it would be no problem. The other situation is shooting splits/ over unders. You need to get your head higher out of the water and the tendency is to point up instead of even with the surface. The finder will also be half full of water which can be tough. If you remember to rotate it 90 the problem goes away. I guess I could use the screen on splits but I've never tried it. Good luck! Steve
  23. I like the idea of the Black & White, just about the only way to get anything that looks a little like a shark. I'm thinking you may want to chalk it up to experience and a great excuse to go back and try again. You can get rid of the cloudy look by extreme exercise of the noise reduction and droping the vibrance and saturation then pulling hard on the blacks. It's an interesting exercise in seeing how much information you can pull out when there is really nobody home. Cheers, Steve
  24. Brilliant Alex! Congratulations I can't remember seeing a video with the quad and underwater footage were put together so well. Amazing stuff. Cheers, Steve
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