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  1. Hi, I recently moved from olympus housing to Nauticam housing for EM-5. I was trying to see if I can use the olympus made zoom gear for olympus housing in Nauticam housing with any minor modification. (both for 60mm and 9-18mm/14-42mm lens) The only thing which was stopping is the width of the gear teeth in olympus zoom is thicker than the nauticam one, and this inturns pushes the lens release buttom against the gear when used in nauticam housing. Has anyone done any DIY modification of olympus zoom gear to be used in nauticam housing?? Any input will be welcome. Regards, Vimal
  2. Looking for a used Nauticam N85 Mini Extension Ring 20 with lock (NA-36620)
  3. Looking for used Nauticam N85 Macro Port 65 for olympus 60mm macro without zoom gear. Shiping to Dallas, US. Thanks.
  4. Not sure about the image quality improvement with 14-42mm in WA100 port, But WA100 port definetly give you a flexibitlity to use 14-42, 9-18mm, 60mm macro with the same port incase you plan to add more lenses later. I have been using E-PM1 with Oly PT-EP06L housing with Zen WA100 dome port. And I use both 9-18mm and 60mm macro behind the same port with good results. Some limitation like not able to add any super macro add on with dome port are there. Here are some pics(more macro and few wide angle) I took with above setup and single YS-D1 strobe at Lembeh. https://goo.gl/photos/jXEH8r3crQX6eZxp8
  5. Thanks for the info. Will definitly help in deciding on the battery...
  6. Thank you for the input. I have found same problems with my topside camera(canon 5diii) third party battery too which died off after less than a years use. Whereas the OEM is still going strong. I was wondering how much shot I can get with original olympus battery with flash ON. Will it last 2 boat dives without changing the batteries ? Though it was mentioned in many sites as approx 330 shots, not sure if that was with flash ON data. If someone has any similar data with other models of olympus BSL-50 battery it might be comparabale I guess.
  7. Hi, I have Olympus E-PM1 setup with Olympus housing with Zen dome port and single YS-D1 strobe. I have used the strobe always in manual mode with camera flash power set to lowest and LCD screen of camera used for shooting. This was used camera setup and came with 2 third party BLS-5 battery. Intitial days of diving the battery used to last me for almost 2 dives of 45-50 minutes. But now it has started to bloat up and don't even last for some 50 shots. Now for the replacement battery, I see the cost of OEM olympus batteries are 3-4 times than the third party battery. Question is, If I buy OEM BLS-50 battery, approximately how many shot will it last with flash ON. And is there any particular third party brand which is close to OEM battery performance? Thanks in advance Vimal
  8. Thanks Chris. That was very helpful. Switiching between the wide and macro lenses without switching the port is a great advantage.
  9. Hi Chris, Thanks for pointing to the other thread. Lot of info there. As I am just starting in uw photography and budget was a constraint, AOI with half the price tag of ZEN looked like a good option. My main worries are 1)Image quality when shooting with 9-18mm wide and 60mm macro. Looking for a reasonable quality with low priced port. 2)Working distance while using 60mm macro in the semi-dome port. I am guessing working distance will be more compared to dedicated Macro port and also I wont be able to add any macro wet lens later. Did you had any limitation in working with Zen semi-dome port and 60mm macro combo ? Hi Kent, Thanks for the info. I will message you.
  10. Hi, I recently got into underwater photography. I use a Olympus camera E-PM1 in Olympus Pt-E06L housing with 14-42mm lens. I looking at changing the port to AOI Acrylic Semi-Dome Port DLP-04P which can accomodate lenses like 14-42mm, 9-18mm lens and also 60mm Macro lens. Has anyone tried this port on their Olympus housing with different lens combo. How was the results ? Is it worth a investment for using with wide and macro lenses? Thanks in advance for your time.
  11. Hi, This is Vimal here. Have been following wetpixel for more than a year. Have been diving for couple of years and slowing getting into Underwater photography too.
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