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  1. Sorry, this appears to be a beautiful picture created by Jorge Abalo. See https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jorge-abalo and Google "jorge abalo coral reef"
  2. This was posted by Harry Bushwitz (https://www.facebook.com/HarryBushwitz) on FB but no other details. Anyone have any idea of what it's called?
  3. DS256


    Thanks Wolfgang especially for the note on it's health. I can see the resemblance to my picture from https://images.robertharding.com/preview/RM/RH/HORIZONTAL/1103-32.jpg
  4. DS256


    I'm now wondering if this could be a Giant Basket Star
  5. Can't figure this one out. Closest I've seen is a Segmented or Thicket Algae. This is from Grand Cayman Island.
  6. I just found this useful article that shows how to get LR to tell you the PPI it will be using. In the image above, I had 'Print Resolution' checked and set to 300 ppi. If I uncheck 'Print Resolution', it shows it would print at 103 ppi. So by using 300 ppi, LR will resampling. Also found some useful details in this Adobe article on print resolution.
  7. Thanks kdgonzalez. A very useful video. I think one point that may have effected this is how much auto sharpening Topaz does which may have given it a edge. What it give me a sense of is the relation of PPI loss which I need to look into more.
  8. I find that sometimes I either have to take a picture quickly or I will lose the subject and/or I take a picture then find a picture in a picture. In any case, I get into severe cropping to get the image I want. In the attached image, the original ORF photo was 4032 x 3024. The cropped version is 1356 x 1077. One web site I use says the cropped version should not be printed larger than 8 x 10". I just used LightRoom Classic to print it out on 11 x 14" paper and it looks good. That implies that LR did a good job of resampling to enlarge it. I come across this enlarging need frequently and was wondering if there are other good tools to use. Thanks
  9. DS256


    Thanks for the suggestion. As you can expect, lot's of pictures of worms that are open. Haven't found any pictures of those retracted/closed. Fortunately, I found some YouTubes. Here's one that shows what Giggenk and Kdgonzalez suggested. Looks like a retracted worm https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-6007769-feather-duster-fan-worm-retracting-back-into
  10. This is a picture of, what I think, is some kind of shell on a brain coral. This is in Grand Cayman. Am I correct? Thanks
  11. Thanks bmorescuba. Your link provided an additional insight. I believe these are in the 'Littoral zone' of the shore. I was incorrect in the Cayman tides. They exist so there is a high/low water mark.
  12. Not exactly underwater but close. I have some shots of plant (?) growth along the ironshore of Grand Cayman. There is very little tide so I assume these are exposed all the time except for wave action. So looking for help in two areas: Anyone have any idea what this is? How do you classify these so I can look them up? Obviously not something you'd find in Humann & DeLoach. Thanks
  13. I was just made aware of this YouTube about a researcher who is/has developed AI for underwater color correction. See Curious that she needs to use a color chart unless that's just her check point for color accuracy. Anyone heard of this work?
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