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  1. Thanks! Will check out those housing suggestions! I am not getting leaks but some dives the buttons on housing will stick so they aren't operable. Seems to be on the deeper dives. My colleague has the same issue. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks@TimG will look into those trays. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  3. I have the standard go pro housing for my go pro 10. I have been using this on a tray with flexi arms to shoot with two big blue lights but need to upgrade. The flexi arms on the tray aren't up to holding the weight of the lights and the screw on the tray loosens easily. The housing is also having issues in the 20-30 m depth range where the buttons stop working - possibly pressure issue? Any recommendations for tougher housings and trays? For a tray I would like one with 1" ball mounts so I can attach standard arms. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  4. Wolfgang did you try the diopters with the 60 mm too or was that unworkable? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  5. Interesting Bill. I actually have the kenko 1.4. Have used it a bit for wide angle stuff but not thought to try for macro. Thanks Wolfgang - nice to hear about your experiences. Yes that's what I was wondering Adam whether the longer distance would prove hard in poor vis. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  6. @ChrisRoss thanks for the clarification. Yes really I'm interested in getting better images of tiny stuff so looking at the diopters which I was concerned about having enough focal length for with the 60 mm. So that led me to looking at the 105 mm. I'll look into the 85 mm too - I hadn't considered that one. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  7. @vlada thanks very much for the reply and info (only just spotted it). Great pictures. Nice to hear it works for you with the 60 mm. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the input@ChrisRoss@TimG and@davehicks. Do you mean you find the 60 mm better Chris? Tim and Dave, reassuring to hear it has worked for you in poor vis (great picture Dave!). One of the things that appeals is that it will work with wet diopters for super macro. This could get expensive! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  9. I have a Nikon D500 (crop sensor). I usually use a 60 mm macro lens but considering getting the 105 mm. I know it has a longer focal length and needs a strong focus light. My local area is the rather murky Bay of Fundy. Curious to see what people's experience is using this lens in green water. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks all for the advice. I hadn't really thought about working distance and obviously need to. I'll look into the lens combinations suggested. Although may just stick with current set up as not sure I want to more macro for a whole dive - the wet lens appealed as could flip it down. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  11. Looking at getting a wet lens. I have a D500 in an aquatica housing. I usually use a 60mm lens for macro. It looks like the +5 will magnify 1:1.2 wheras the +10 will magnify 1:1.5 so thinking the 10+ makes more sense. Any advice on which to choose? Is a flip holder worth it? (The aquatica one is more than the lens!). Thinking I may go for the aquatica system but open to other suggestions. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  12. I moved from. D300 in a subal housing to a D500 in an aquatica housing a year or so ago. Main reason for choosing the D500 was to keep using my Tokina 10-17 which I love for WA. I moved from subal as impossible to get serviced here (Canada). I still use my subal WA port with an adapter Aquatica made and it works well - only issue is I can't fully zoom out as i get the port corners as the adapter adds length. I might eventually get an aquatica WA port. Apart from that I've been very happy with this set up. I did look at changing to a mirrorless slr but it actually worked out more expensive as I would have needed new lenses. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  13. Just wanted to let people know I got this sorted. Actually wide angle ended up working better for this trip anyway (thankfully!). I got hold of aquatica after the trip. The lens pushes straight down onto the port ledge (basically as far in as it goes). It only seals on the front o-ring really. Just taken housing for a test dive and seems good (although forgot how floaty empty housing is so judicious use of rocks required to make it comfortable to carry!). Thanks to everyone who advised. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for looking. Yes it looks like there are instructions if you buy glass. Hope aquatica get back to me today as we won't have internet after tomorrow. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  15. Does anyone have instructions for how to replace the lens on the aquatica tapered macro port (port number 18430 – the tapered mini macro one)? I am on a trip and it somehow popped out in transit. I didn't even realise it was removable! I can't get hold of aquatica or find instructions online. Thanks, Claire
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