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  1. I have the standard go pro housing for my go pro 10. I have been using this on a tray with flexi arms to shoot with two big blue lights but need to upgrade.


    The flexi arms on the tray aren't up to holding the weight of the lights and the screw on the tray loosens easily. The housing is also having issues in the 20-30 m depth range where the buttons stop working - possibly pressure issue?


    Any recommendations for tougher housings and trays?


    For a tray I would like one with 1" ball mounts so I can attach standard arms.




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  2. Looking at getting a wet lens. I have a D500 in an aquatica housing. I usually use a 60mm lens for macro. It looks like the +5 will magnify 1:1.2 wheras the +10 will magnify 1:1.5 so thinking the 10+ makes more sense. Any advice on which to choose? Is a flip holder worth it? (The aquatica one is more than the lens!). Thinking I may go for the aquatica system but open to other suggestions.


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  3. I moved from. D300 in a subal housing to a D500 in an aquatica housing a year or so ago. Main reason for choosing the D500 was to keep using my Tokina 10-17 which I love for WA. I moved from subal as impossible to get serviced here (Canada). I still use my subal WA port with an adapter Aquatica made and it works well - only issue is I can't fully zoom out as i get the port corners as the adapter adds length. I might eventually get an aquatica WA port. Apart from that I've been very happy with this set up. I did look at changing to a mirrorless slr but it actually worked out more expensive as I would have needed new lenses.

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  4. Just wanted to let people know I got this sorted. Actually wide angle ended up working better for this trip anyway (thankfully!). I got hold of aquatica after the trip. The lens pushes straight down onto the port ledge (basically as far in as it goes). It only seals on the front o-ring really. Just taken housing for a test dive and seems good (although forgot how floaty empty housing is so judicious use of rocks required to make it comfortable to carry!). Thanks to everyone who advised.

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  5. Thanks all. It is actually the whole black end of the pump that has come off and I have now managed to lose that bit (was out on the boat with me but has vanished). The white and black parts fell apart very soon after I got the pump but i have been holding it together and making it work.
    I know that the backscatter pump does fit the housing connection (tried a friend's) so at least I know what connection it is now!
    I guess I need to bite the bullet and just buy another aquatica pump. Hope it stays together this time!

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  6. The pump for my aquatica sentinel system broke. I need to replace it but it wasn't very durable so I am looking for another pump that would be compatible with the system. Does anyone have any suggestions? Someone suggested a wine making one might work......Picture attached. Sorry not sure what the connection is called. aeb58564d0720fe1ba5689a878812ff4.jpg


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  7. Hi Everyone,


    I have moved on from a Nikon D300 in a Subal housing to a D500 in a brand new Aquatica AD500. Everything works beautifully, with the exception of my flash. I am banging my head trying to find a fix and was wondering if any of the tech savvy photographers on the forum might take pity on me and offer some advice.


    The flash is a Nikon SB-800 in a Subal housing connected via a Subtronics cord (Nikonos connectors). The AD500 has two nikonos-type sockets.


    When connected to the Aquatica AD500/Nikon D500, I have two issues :

    • If I wait for more than 30 seconds or so between shots, I have to take one or two pictures to « wake-up » the flash before it starts triggering properly – i.e. lots of missed opportunities

    • TTL doesn’t work (I normally shoot in manual but TTL is handy when shooting macro or fast moving action).
    I have used the SB-800 with my old Nikon D300 in a Subal housing for many years and never had these issues. Also, both the flash and the sync cord work perfectly.


    All four flash switches inside the AD500 housing are down (I've tried to put them up but it makes the situation worth).


    Many Thanks !


    Best regards

    Sorry can't help with the flash issue but very interested to hear how you find your new set up - I'm considering same move (subal d300 to aquatica d500). Do you have a magnifying viewfinder?


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  8. Hi Claire:

    What you describe sounds like the ancient conflict of Sync (electric) vs fiberoptic cables. My sync cables were a source of continuing trouble and failure (also for my dive buddy) so I sold my Ikelite strobes and switched to fiberoptic cables for my Inon Z240 and now S&S YS-D2 strobes.

    Result: strobe firing problems are gone. Caveat: Ikelite strobes require sync cables or hybrid cables.

    I made my own fiberoptic cables out of Toshiba hi-fi Toslink cable from eBay, never a problem for 4 years, reliable, cheap (under $5.) and tough.

    Best of luck!

    Interesting Kraken! - oh dear might be time for a strobe upgrade too......


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