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  1. Used only a handful of times with some minor scratches, works perfectly. $150 shipped to CONUS
  2. have one for sale, just posted it here actually contact me here hubert789@att.net
  3. 2nd owner, bought it a year ago, was going to back to UW photo, but changed interests Rear lens has some smudge, tried to clean it with alcohol but may need smth stronger.WYSIWYG.$280 shipped OBOhubert789@att.netLocal Chicagoland CASH sale possible.
  4. Used during vacation, total maybe 10 times, always soaked in fresh water, O-ring greased, never flooded. What you see is the whole package ready for diving with quality better then GoPro. You may want to add some video light, though. Top side wide angle included + DIY underwater wide angle (not perfect UW lens but better then nothing Mounting has standard 67mm thread so WA can be upgraded to something more pro. $400 shipped to CONUS Contact me at hubert789@att.net for faster response
  5. I'll take 2 strobes if you're willing to break the package...
  6. any more details on model numbers? camera, housing, zen port?
  7. Comes with all you see in pictures. Transmitter, heart monitor, strap, 2 batteries, extra screen protector, iRda transmitter, books, case. Front looks nice, side has some fine marks left from battery replacement. See pictures. $659 shipped to CONUS
  8. Camera and housing still for sale, the rest of the equipment SOLD !!!
  9. PM sent email me if you did not receive, please hubert789@att.net
  10. SEPARATING the package: - First strobe with optic cable, oring, silicon, arm and 2 clamps - SOLD 9-18mm lens + ZEN WA-100 port - $599 shipped to CONUS E-PM1 + housing with standard port - $350 shipped to CONUS single YS-01 strobe with extra oring, silicon and optic cable - $280 shipped to CONUS taking offers now.
  11. Olympus E-PM1 with extra battery, flash, straps, memory, etc Olympus PT-EP06 housing with standard port Olympus 9-18mm lens Olympus 14-42mm lens Zen WA-100 Dome with front and rear rubber caps 2 Sea & Sea YS-01 flashes with diffusers, extra seals, silicon and 2 DIY optic cables (guarantee to work perfect!) Focus light with DIY holder and Nauticam cold shoe (this is also a 1000lm flashlight with dimmer) 2 arms, 4 clamps, tray and few butterfly screws $1500 obo, I'll cover shipping to CONUS, contact me for shipping quote to the rest of the World Make me offers ! This setup was over $3000 and makes a good start up gear ! Gear was takes 2 times to Cozumel (total of 20-25 dives + local fresh water quarry - 2 times) All pieces of this gear were always clean after salt water dives, no salt deposits anywhere. I even took clamps apart and lubricate (they perform better then new Can meet in Chicagoland or within reasonable distance.
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