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  1. Two SubSee Magnifiers One +5 and one +10 Used maybe two times $275 for both
  2. Willing to sell just the housing? if yes, how much? ( with the bulkhead leaks, what condition is the circuitry?)
  3. Offered are a pair of Ikelite DS161’s, with their respective Nickel battery and charger(not shown). Everything is in working order Submit your reasonable offer for consideration. Prefer to sell both, but will separate them into two separate offers.
  4. I will offer both , with chargers for the $1200.00 US offer... Plus shipping and Insurance..
  5. So far, I am underwhelmed by the product.
  6. These are good arms. Is what I use..
  7. lars2923

    Canon 5DMii

    All good things must come to an end and my ending is your beginning. A well maintained Canon 5DMii She produced many great UW photos in my care and has traveled the world. The camera is clean, in working order and includes a battery (Not shown) Asking $379.00
  8. Just returned from annual CPS 18 point service: (01/17/2022) Cleaned Image Sensor Performed Pixel Mapping for Hot or Dead Pixels Verified Firmware version and updated if required Tighten external screws Checked operation of Terminals and Jacks Checked Internal Error Messages Verified Camera Shutter Count Performed Simple Image Check (exposure/color balance/resolution) Checked Camera/Lens communication Checked Lens Attachment and Removal Checked Memory Card Insertion and Removal Checked Operation of Hot Shoe Checked Moving Parts (Buttons/doors/latches) Cleaned Camera Body Cleaned External LCD surface Cleaned External Viewfinder Cleaned Focus Screen Cleaned Mirror Service Details: Your Camera has been cleaned and checked. Functions have been confirmed Shot Count: 24,700 Mirror Count 26,160 Ask: $798.00 Battery Included
  9. Offered are a pair of working (I have a video to show each strobe firing - too big a file to include) Ikelite DS161's. Nickle Battery for each strobe comes with the respective strobe and the charger for each (Not shown) also comes with the offer. Make your offer for both known.
  10. The extra stuff listed is just that, extra... Not a package deal. If you are buying the housing, those are optional products available. They are only available with the housing while the housing is for sale. If the housing is purchased and none of the extras are purchased, then they will be offered individually... Thought I would add that for clarification.
  11. I have on the table the following items, brand new, never been used http://www.aquatica....dslr_a5dsr.html Retail / Asking $3608.00 / $3249.00 Aquatica A5D s/sr Canon Pro Housing with dual nikonos plus vacuum kit (20078-NK-VC) $ 529.00 / $ 450.00 8" dome port (18405) $ 142.96 / $ 125.00 Dome Shade FE (18480) $ 58.96 / $ 40.00 Neoprene Cover for 8" dome shade $ 507.96 / $ 450.00 AF/MF Flat macro port BK-7 Coated Glass (18426) ================= $4846.88 / $ 4314.00 + tax / No tax + shipping / Free Shipping (48 contiguous United States) If you are in need of a Canon 5D Mark III I can offer one as well (Low shutter count, CPS maintained) I may have the extension ring(s) you need as well.
  12. Hello, Larry Davis. Artificial reef creator, film maker, reef research specialist, photographer, traveler, diver, and more.. Regards,
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