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  1. Reducing price to $2900. Can't go any lower. Everything is fully functioning and the results are great
  2. Photos of the gear. I was out of town, but posted early. Please let me know if you have offers or questions
  3. Selling my Setup to fund putting my D850 underwater. I have the following items: - Isotta D7100/D72000 Housing - Sea & Sea Macro Port (Flat Port - no diopter capability) - Nikon D7200 Camera Body - Nikon NIKOR 60mm f2.8 Macro lens (gen 1) - Isotta Cross bar for DSLR housing - Backscatter vacuum system port (you will need to buy a new pump) - TTL adaptor with removable cable/hot shoe seat (work was done by Backscatter) Asking for $3100 US for the whole lot. Everything functions great, it has been used for a few years with great results. This setup is ready for macro with all the items I have included. It is ready to dive as is. I will also include any spare o-rings and other items that came with the housing. The housing underwent routine service/cleaning by Backscatter 2.5 years ago and has been water tight since purchase. I use the vacuum pump and recommend any who purchases this camera do the same. Also, I will clean all the bulkheads and o-rings before shipping, but any buyer should inspect and clean following transit. Happy to ship, I will generate a cost for any buyer and add that to the total (you cover shipping). I will post photos to this asap, but I can provide on request. Thanks and Cheers
  4. Hello Wetpixel. joining up to see whats up in the world of underwater photog and sell some gear. San Diego by way of Brisbane, Okinawa and before all of that...Baltimore. Cheers
  5. I am interested in the housing/camera. I use the PT-EP01 which is complete garbage and would like to upgrade. I was thinking of going Zen WA-100 to fix the port, but this is a more viable option. To make sure it is suitable, I only have a few questions as I haven't found this info on the net (limited search at work): - What are the sync cable ports standard? I do not see a port to use the built in flash, so how do I run the set-up with this housing? - Would you be willing to provide me a picture of the tray mount? - Lastly, I would like to get a better picture of the tray damage you describe. If you can give me a view of this I would appreciate it. I currently live in Australia, and would request shipping to Brisbane. However, as this is usually expensive, I have an address in Maryland that this can go to. Thanks and Best Regards, Adam King
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