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  1. Hi, I am selling a Nauticam housing for the Canon 550 D. Its used, has some signs of use, but has never been flooded and always worked as it should. I guess the best sign how much I liked it is the fact that I upgraded to a newer model. I therefore have no lenses or ports to sell with it. If you want to do I add a free camera body to the housing. That body works, but has been used extensively on land and water... and has a scratch on the back display. Asking price is 850 EUR, location is Luxembourg (actually Germany just across the border). Shipping costs are on you. Priced to sell and still a very good entry level DSLR... Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi! I will bump this: - Ill make some photos and send them as well as post them here - Its a camera body and a housing body. No lenses or ports as I frankly use them for my other Nauticam set... Thanks!
  3. Still available and open to offers.
  4. There seems to be no easy way to read it out... I'd guess something around 5k. But honestly: the bodies sell on ebay for about 200 a piece and are widely available. The valuable bit is the housing...
  5. Well, as the title suggests: I am diving less than I used to and my secondary DSLR set is just collecting too much dust and should get used... - Nauticam housing in good used condition. Never flooded. - Canon 550D body in fully functional good used condition with charger... Asking 1100 USD plus shipping. Located in Germany. Cheers, Chris
  6. Bump - Set is still available. Open to offers as well as trades with Canon and Nauticam stuff...
  7. Hi! I am planning to upgrade my gear so I am looking to sell: - A Canon 550D / Rebel T2i body - A Nauticam housing Both in very good used condition. Great entry level DSLR, especially at this price point. Does not come with lenses or ports. Price: 1200 USD or best offer plus shipping. Shipping from Germany. Always open to trades, especially if it's Nauticam or Canon stuff...
  8. I am afraid that I won't be much of help with your questions: The bottom line is that I am a DSLR photographer who coincidentally got his hand on this set 2nd hand a year ago, was intrigued about the idea of 3d video and found out that it's not the right thing for me. 1. Yes, I believe it only does Full HD and only records in the Sony MVC format in 3d. 2d is in the standard AVCHD, but I never actually tried that. The original software was not with it when I bought it, so it comes without. I hardly used the camcorder, but my cheap video program Magix Video Deluxe (I got the 2013 version) seems to work fine with the files. I think this might be a German product though, no idea if they have an English version: http://www.magix.com/de/video-deluxe/ 2. I have honestly no idea about the TD 20. I have a Canon 550 and 600D and their housings are not compatible at all thanks to Canon moving every last button for approx. 1 mm... I'd check with sealux. Most controls are by wire and therefore surely ok. The key controls that are controlled with switches are the multiwheel at the front and the 2D/3d switch at the back. Seems like the Recsea housing is compatible for Td10/Td20 and Td30 (http://www.digitaldiver.com.au/shop/product/rec-vhstd20)... so if that means that the buttons did not move would I guess it is a yes - but cannot ultimately tell you without trying. 3. I only used the camera for some testing, never took it on a dive trip as it was frankly too heavy to carry both video and DSLR. That's the reason I am selling it... so I have honestly no good footage to share... I'll make some photos this weekend and add them to the post. Cheers, Chris
  9. I case somebody is interested: I got a rig including the Sealux housing for sale: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59184
  10. Hi! I am cleaning up my gear collection a bit and I am offering today: Camera - Sony 3D video camera (HDR TD10) with a 16gb Memory stick (the camera has 64gb built in and also takes SD cards if I am not wrong) - two batteries (one in pretty good condition, the other is used) - a two bay battery charger from Sony (expensive, not standard with the camera and VERY practical for UW videographers...) Housing - Sealux aluminium housing in great condition. - Red filter with flip holder for the front of the housing - a light rail with two ball connectors for standard lighting arms The camera is with me in Switzerland, but I can post it from within the EU for those of you where this might make an import tax difference. The camera is 4-5 years old, but in very good shape, still makes excellent 3d as well as 2d videos. Only thing not included cause I don't find it anymore are the printed manual (online freely available) and a cable to connect the camera directly to a TV. Approx. new price: Camera: 1500 Charger: 150 Extra battery: 70 Housing: 2500 Filter: 150 Rail: 150 Price New: > 4500 EUR Asking price: 1300 EUR or best offer Trades? I am a private guy and not a shop, so I will only accept stuff I might actually use: I have two Canon DSLR in Nauticam housings, so I might be interested in Canon lenses/ Accessories or Nauticam ports/stuff...
  11. Hi! I am interested... Can you PM me the postage fee to Switzerland or EU? Thanks!
  12. Hi! Is the macro port still available?
  13. If the port is still available: I take it! Drop me a message on how much the postal fees to Singapore are... Chris
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