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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies. The item has been sold. Best of luck in all your underwater endeavors.
  2. Hi All, I have a complete turnkey package for sale. It includes the following: Nikon D90 body, Nikon 18-55mm lens, Ikelite housing and tray, Ikelite DS160 strobe with arm and sync cord, Ikelite 8" dome, zoom gears, and all required O-rings plus a few spares. Asking $300 plus shipping but I'll consider any offer. No water has ever leaked into the housing or strobe. If you're looking to get into UW photography this is a great starter setup. If you have any questions or would like photos please email me at dylanj@ualberta.ca Thanks.
  3. So when I first posted this I was in a bit of a rush but I wanted to get some pictures up for people to take a look at. Sorry they aren't the greatest pictures but they should give you a pretty good idea.
  4. Hi Karyn, I have a D90 package as well. Not quite as extensive as the one posted by Brine Shrimp. My package includes the housing, tray and handles, 8" dome, DS160 strobe with sync cord and arm. I can include the camera as well if you need it. Let me know if you're interested and I will be happy to send you more details and pictures. dylanj@ualberta.ca Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I have a complete Ikelite package for a Nikon D90 for sale. It includes the housing, port, 8" dome, tray and handles, DS160 strobe, strobe charger, arm, sync cord plus some spare o-rings and misc. parts. I have taken this setup to the Galapagos, Palau, Costa Rica, Vancouver Island and through the Caribbean and I have never had so much as a drop of water leak into it. Needless to say I've been pretty satisfied with it but I'm in the process of moving and I need to cut down some stuff. Asking $1,500 plus shipping. If you are interested please email me at dylanj@ualberta.ca and I will be happy to send you some pictures. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Just joined from western canada. Hoping to get travel/photography tips.
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