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  1. After reading many 810 users' experiences, 810's battery hits red after 2 dives and sometimes in the middle of the 2nd dive, and around 90+ shots with flash. I would much prefer one where I can shot for 2-3 days without opening the housing. Oly 5060/7070 for one has a battery life of 5 hrs in the worse battery draining situation, that is much desired. Canon A95 with 2500mah batteries lasts 3 days of diving (4 dives per day, 50 min dives). I have been thinking alot about RAW. It takes around 6 seconds to record RAW (Oly 5060 experience), 9 sec on the Sony, 5 sec on the G6, shocking 9 sec on 8080, during which the camera more or less locks up. Isn't this very inconvenient underwater? I do know the advantages of shoot RAW. As for the F10, I've decided not to get it because I want control over aperture and shutter.
  2. I'm hunting around for a compact underwater camera. Some cameras that I've considered are the Canon A95, Sony W7, Oly 7070, Fuji 810 and Fuji F10. I do know that Oly and 810 is in a different class from the rest. I find Oly's bulk a little too much to lug with all my dive gear. 810 is almost perfect in terms of size and performance, unfortunately the battery life is too short for my liking. Sony has a huge tendency to go "green" underwater. Canon A95 is general capable underwater and cheap. However, the shutter lag is a big put off. Now, F10 just caught my eye. Does anyone have any experience with the F10? With all the ups of F10, it is in the very end a point and shoot with almost no manual control over aperture and shutter. I would really appreciate any advise. Cheers!
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