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  1. I've narrowed down my search to two products: Sealife DC1400 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005OFICTW?ref_=pe_623860_70668520 vs. Sea and Sea DX-2G http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/compact/dx2g/ I like the Sea and Sea because of the higher level of control from the photographer (and ability to get separate lenses and so forth), but I'm worried about the fact that it's only 12.1 megapixels and a discontinued product. Is the Sealife better since it has more megapixels, even though it's a simple point and shoot? I've increased my price range to ~$500. HELP!
  2. Let me preface by saying that I know very little about photography (but a lot about aquariums). I'm looking to buy an underwater camera for my significant other, who is an extremely talented salt-water aquariumist and photographer. He has several high quality cameras and lenses for non-underwater photos. He's also an excellent product researcher, which I'm unfortunately not all that good with. I want to make sure I get him everything he needs to start taking pictures right away (without having to go out an buy more before even getting to try it!) that takes high quality pictures, but that doesn't break the bank too much (though I wish I could get him the greatest of everything). Price range is, unfortunately, only around $400. While one day I hope we can snorkel and scuba-dive, this gift is for our 92-gallon aquarium (a bowfront glass makes it hard to take photos from the outside). What would you recommend I buy...a "full starter's kit," you might say? Note: I'm also considering just getting him an underwater casing for one of his existing cameras, but I'm terrified of him dunking a camera not intended for underwater use!
  3. Why can't I start a new topic?
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