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  1. Hit the pool again following the advice that you all shared. Had much much better results this time. Thanks.
  2. Wanted to say thanks to everyone for their recommendations. It's back to the pool tomorrow night to practice in manual mode Scorpio_fish, the default shutter speed is 1/60 but the camera does allow me to change that. What would you recommend as a starting point?
  3. Hey all, I need help from the photo guru's Got my new camera rig wet last night for the first time. It was just the pool, but wet is wet I know shooting in a pool is always a nightmare but I was really struggling with exposure, strobe setting etc and am in hopes that somebody out there may have some good pointers. Rig: - Camera Olympus PEN E-PL2 - Housing Olympus ELP-P03 - Zen Underwater dome - Sea & Sea YS-01 I set the camera in aperture priority (like I always shot with my Oly 5050) varied the aperture between F4 and F8. I tried several of the flash settings on the camera (fill in, slow1, slow2) I the strobe there are setting for slow1, slow2, ttl and a manual power adjustment. I worked through all the combos of settings but just couldn't get consistent results. Well, the one consistent result I had was when using slow2 on the strobe every shot was really over exposed. Sorry I don't have photo examples, I left the memory card at home this morning. Any thoughts on where to start? what/how to adjust? etc? Thanks, Mark
  4. Matt, Thanks for the feedback. I have tried using the strobe in both auto and manual (adding/removing the magnet) with the 770 but results are still very dark pictures. I'm unsure about the 770 having a pre-flash. I have written Oly (nothing in the manual) and Inon and the company I bought the strobe from looking for help. I did a little test last night: Took a pic into a mirror (with the film over the internal flash): I can see the internal flash fire I can see the strobe fire Which would seem to tell us that I just "need more light" but even after adjusting f-stop setting on the strobe etc the pics are still very dark. Additionally I've noticed that when I use the strobe with the 770, the strobe fires twice (pre-flash and then image taking flash....I assume) These two things lead me to believe that possibly the image is actually being captured while the strobe is firing the first of it's two flashes (the weaker pre-flash) which is resulting in the dark images. Or so I think fyi...when I use the strobe with my 5050, it only fires once and all works great. Hope this helps, really looking for suggestions on how to resolve this issue quickly as we are heading to St. Croix in less than a week Thanks
  5. Thought I would bump this back to the top. Still in need of help. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I have a bit of a dilemma I'm hoping someone out there may be able to help with. A few months back I purchased an Olympus 770sw, olympus housing, Inon tray & 165 wal, I also have an Inon D-180 and fiber cables from a previous setup that I use with this rig. Anyway, shortly after receiving everything I hit the pool with the rig. While most of the pics came out fairly good I had a few where the exposure was just way off on basically identical pics. Fast forward to Grand Cayman last November and I experienced the same kind of thing. One pic would be OK, the next would really under or over exposed. I'm sure the strobe had time to recharge, I know the fiber cable is OK, just cannot figure out what the issue is. Additionally most of the underwater pics I took had quite a blue tone to them. So I was wondering if anyone out there had experience with a 770 and external strobe that could lend some direction. If so, what mode do you use on the camera when shooting with the strobe? Just as a side note, when shooting topside or underwater without the strobe the camera performs reasonably well. Thanks,
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