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  1. Please keep us in the loop so we can learn with you :-) Thanks
  2. as you say difficult to compare but 12-40 without wet lens looks fantastic
  3. do you have any details comparison in term of size and weight including pictures? I'm very curious about it
  4. I don’t. I was planning the big eye lens m67 mkii from fantasea: affordable and light. I’m sure the inon uwl is better but It’s 1kg so more than the camera and the housing.
  5. I mainly shoot in tropical water and usually CFWA with limited macro with a bit of cropping. So far single strobe or ambient light with red filter. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for the input. I’ve been using the pancake 14-42 on land and as you say I’ve been missing the sharpness of the 12-40. But, if I understood correctly, paired with the wet-lens it’s will on pair of the 12-40. As said have only used the rx100iv underwater so I’m learning.
  7. Thanks for the clarifications and the pictures look great and in line with my expectations of flexibility compared to the current setup. I have a very compact setup with a fantasea housing with flat port and I was looking for similar setup. It seems the closest can be the AOI with em5 mkII and a semi dome for the 12-40. It maybe there are other less bulky options. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Chriss, I was exactly jingling between these 2 setup. What about the 11-50 with the macro mode, can this be a flexible but quality option?
  9. I might have an opposite question: I have a compact setup with rx100iv and I wonder if I’ll have a substantial improvement if I move to m43 setup without compromising size and weight. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. I think full frame can be a good upgrade but are you sure to give up to lightweight and compact setup?
  11. Good point would be good to have website comparing all the setup in term of size and weight
  12. Compactness was a key driver for me so it seems there is no solution.. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. No TTL, so far Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. I had the same reflection and I really wonder if the latest Pen can really compete with the last generation sony Rx100 compact.
  15. I have a still a dummy question. I have sony compact set up and one of the benefit to move to mirrorless m43 is to have interchangeable lenses and keep compact but if I understand correctly the best option is to use the wet lenses and this can be easily done for both. Hence it seems doesn't make sense to change the lenses? Thanks in advance for spending the time to help me.
  16. Just saw the AOI UH-EPL10 set up and it looks very compact but I don't know if it will be a real upgrade for you
  17. Hi, despite the covid situation the gear syndrome is there and I'm now thinking if the new setup release by AOI with the Pen10 can be a valid upgrade of my compact setup with fantasea and sony rx100iv. My key drivers for improvement are: 1) stay compact 2) improve battery life 3) improve flash recycle time and keep TTL (I use an external strobe) 4) decrease the focus distance without additional wet lens to allow CFWD and/or simil macro I'd like to have more resolution for cropping as well but I know already that this will be a step back. Thanks
  18. Maybe the challenge is the minimum distance of focus, pretty high vs Olympus tg4 Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  19. [mention]Pavel Kolpakov [/mention] is the uwt ttl trigger fitting the fantasea sony6600 housing? Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  20. Is the oly setup really the double ? I was really thinking about that or Sony a6xxx. Any comparison pictures ? Thanks Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  21. Thanks, maybe this is the issue. It is bigger in low light condition. I have read that the minimum underwater is 5inches (underwater photography guide) at 28, is it correct ?
  22. I use flexible spot small to focus on the eyes and then I zoom to 40-50mm and the focus is hunting sometime good or sometime focus not in the eyes Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  23. Same question for me. I use the IV with single strobe and the challenge is focus hunting when zooming beyond 35mm with difficult light condition.
  24. Thanks for your comments. I like the current setup which I use with a single strobe sea&sea D2 but I have the following pain points: Focus hunting when zooming in difficult light condition beyond 35mm Battery life Recycle time I love the compactness and good image quality. I can’t give the compact size but I’d like to improve the above points.
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