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  1. Hi. I have an Olympus 12-50 lens. I use the nauticam port which allows the switch to macro, but feel I'm missing out on true wide angle at 12mm -which I understand this port would deliver. So, a couple of questions if I may.. 1. Do you need to put a diopter on the lens with this dome? 2. Is there a focus gear that goes with it? 3. What happens when you zoom (assuming I have a focus gear) 4. Can you use the Olympus 60mm prime with this port? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards Scott
  2. Hi. I'd be interested in hearing about the outcome of your Nauticam correspondence/warranty claim as I have just had my handle break. (The metal insert in the base where the screws attach pulled right out when I picked the rig up by the handle) Thanks and regards Scott Bonaire (Nauticam EM5 Housing with standard tray and left handle. No base plate attached at the top -it's a small rig).
  3. Would appreciate some help with this one. It was taken in the Similians (Andaman Sea) last week. Something in the back of my mind says "cucumber/anenome" with an external stomach feeding...but I really dont know... Many thanks if you're able to help
  4. I have two unused 8" ( UCLS DB-08) I would sell if you are still looking. Where are you located? (I'm in the Netherlands).
  5. For Sale: Nauticam D90 Housing -Additional Information Herewith some further details:- Sale, which is due to an upgrade, includes manual, set of Allen keys, spare O rings (one used, one new) and handle 1 inch Nauticam ball strobe mounting heads. Reasonable offers considered Thanks and regards Scott Photographs attached.
  6. I have a Nauticam D90 housing for sale. Approximately 150 dives, never leaked and was professionally serviced in Dec 2013. Sale price Euro 1350 plus shipping (from Holland). If interested please post a reply, or email me at: scottgilchrist246@hotmail.com Thanks and regards Scott
  7. Hi Luiz Are you still looking for your housing? I have a Nauticam D90 housing (NA- D90) for sale. Approximately 150 dives, no leaks and professionally fully serviced in Dec 2013. Sale price Euro 1350 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks and regards Scott scottgilchrist246@hotmail.com
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