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    Canon D60
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    Sea & Sea DX-30/60
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    Sea & Sea YS90dx x2
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  1. I purchased a S&S Fisheye Dome and 40 Extension ring from ALEXX. Great Communication! He shipped it promptly! It took Croatian Post 16 days to get it here to the US. (not complaining) Packaging was below average. Original S&S box with no wrapping or peanuts inside. Dome not damaged. I would buy from him again. (if he promises to package it a little better )
  2. I ordered a metric O-ring set off Ebay. I didnt buy the most expensive but I also didn't buy the cheapest.
  3. I learned that my housing uses metric sized o-rings, and that I can disassemble my housing without any special tools. I am expecting my 400 piece o-ring kit in the mail tomorrow and will begin the process of changing them one by one.
  4. Thanks to Devon at Pacific Housing for spending time on the phone with me and getting me the info I needed.
  5. I have a S&S DX-30/60 that has sat on a shelf for 5 years. I have ordered new o-rings for the housing, sync cord, and strobes. How concerned should I be about the o-rings for all the controls? Does anyone know if S&S makes a complete housing set? Thanks, Doug
  6. I am looking for the fisheye port. I think thats the 8 Thanks
  7. Looking for the acrylic dome. Would prefer one that hasn't seen the throat of too many Tigers at Tiger Beach.
  8. Check your local vacuum store. I was able to use a belt for a sweeper and the teeth were perfect for my S&S housing. A little epoxy to glue it on and it worked great.
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