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  1. Ive not had a ton of time for edits but here are some of the images from my Oct trip on the Belle Amie. What a great trip! I dont repeat many trips but would do this one again in a heart beat. I mosly used my 18-70mm but could have used a 100mm at times in the submersible cages for aure. I tried my 10-24 in 1 dive and quickly decided that was too wide. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0T5VaUrzjVRY9 Also put a vid together. Its 15min as I just couldnt kill anymore clips. The giant male hitting the cages on the 4th song was spectacular! https://youtu.be/fNdPDCTDHS0
  2. Good to know. Thanks for the follow up. Kind of a bummer tho. Would be nice not to have to make too many adjustments once below the surface. What iso did u find yourself shooting in mostly at the surface and at depth?
  3. Thanks Mattwallace24 that would be awesome. I l head out Oct 15th. Look forward to your findings.
  4. Ive never been a fan of Auto ISO but in this situation Im considering it. Any thoughts from you guys?
  5. I picked up some new clamps from kitdive as well as some seafrogs double ball arms and things seem to be sticking in place now. I still wouldnt expect them to stay for long periods of time on land but the new items seem to have a lot more grab
  6. Thats definitely a thought I may try. Ill be on the Bell Amie
  7. Ken Im headed there in Oct and preparing my rig. WOuld love to hear of any issues or just pointers you have for shooting both in the surface cages and the submerged cages. Great photos!
  8. Ok perfect. Thats what I was hoping the case was. Thank you much! Adam
  9. Hi all. After 14yrs of diving, Ive finally gotten a proper housing for my Nikon D300. Ive tested my rig and everything seems to work well with the base set up and Im trying to prepare for a trip to Guadalupe island in Oct. I live in Indy so Ikelite is a 15min drive and Ive had them go through my strobe and housing to check everything out for a clean bill of health. My issue Im sorting out is with the strobe arms. It seems no matter how tight I try to get the knobs, they still dont stay put. The ball joint set up keeps allowing things to move and drop down. Is this just because Im on land and its too much, is it a bad set up or just classic user error? Any suggestions or tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Adam
  10. Thanks for the info but I couldnt get those links to work. I do think I have the extension tube for my lens too for the 8in.
  11. I recently bought a couple housings on ebay to piece together a whole kit. So I have this massive 8in 5510.45 dome with the 4.25in extension tube. I also have a 5503 dome port. Ive booked a trip to Guadalupe Island next Oct and am hoping to get all of this dialed in prior to that. I shoot a Nikon D300 and I imagine my 10-24mm 3.5-4.5 will be the lens that I use. Only other one really would be the kit 18-70mm. So Im just trying to get an idea of whether or not I really need 2 dome ports and maybe what the advantages/disadvantages would be. Is the large one the more verstatile other than it being the size of a Frisbee? Any guidance would be great. Thank you much Adam
  12. Hi all my name is Adam and Ive been shooting for about 20 years. Made the jump to DSLR back in 06 just before heading to Mt Everest Base camp. Have been diving since 2004 but only ever rented cheap rental cameras. Finally got a a rig for my D300 and looking to get after it.
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