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  1. Does anyone know of housings for compact camera's that have an option for cable release/remote shutter (preferably with external monitor option) ? Something like this from aquatica, but not limited to DSLR only. Or something like the Seacam system.
  2. Still for sale. I'm open to negotiate about the prices, if that would be an issue!
  3. I'm looking to sell both my Seacam S180 sportsfinder and Seacam LA-V video light. Both were purchased about a year ago on ebay together with a complete Seacam system. I have however replaced the 180° viewfinder with a 45° viewfinder and I'm not using the video light as I take pictures and do not film. Equipment is in good condition, some pictures attached below. Asking price for the S180 sportsfinder is 1000 $ or best offer. Asking price for the video light (including spare battery) is 1500 $ or best offer. New prices can be seen here: seacam price list Equipment is located in Belgium, Europe. I am willing to ship overseas. When interested, please contact me at bert(dot)willaert{at}gmail[dot]com.
  4. Dear Vincent, if you (in a later stage,) would consider selling items separately, I am interested in the viewfinder.
  5. I know chances are small, but anyone selling his/her Seacam 45° viewfinder? I am also willing to exchange it for my Seacam S180° viewfinder. I am located in Belgium.
  6. Thanks for the tips, I'll try to separate them this weekend.
  7. Hi all, I have two seacam PVL extension ports that are stuck together and that I would like to remove from each other. Anyone with suggestions how to do this without causing damage? Just with bare hands it seems impossible (even with 2 persons). Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, I have been reading this forum for a while, but the time to actively participate has arrived. I started diving one year ago as I found myself limited in taking underwater pictures while snorkeling. With a main interest in amphibians I also take a lot of pictures above the surface. I live in Belgium, but hope to dive and photograph around the world in the future.
  9. Hi, are this body and housing still available?
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