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  1. Hi, As name suggests, interested if anyone is a selling a used Nauticam housing (NA-502) for a SmallHD 501/502 Monitor (or similar monitor in Nauticam housing). Thanks, Damien
  2. Hi Liz, Yeah I agree, WACP looks great but quite steep. Probably not that bad if you don't have any lenses, but hard to justify with a bag full of existing glass. Given my track record it wouldn't take long until a wreck connected with WACP dome too Not sure if it's easily replace but would doubt the glass would be cheap. Regards, ds
  3. Thanks Chris, I"ll give 50mm a go since nothing to lose.
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has the Canon 14mm with Nauticam 8.5" dome and getting good results on full frame? It's not on the port chart, I've guessed 30mm extension but getting serious edge blur. I have 20, 30 and 50mm port extensions in my bag at present. I don't want to run a bigger dome for various reasons, so just wondering if this lens/port combination is viable with a different extension. Diopter probably not possible as there's an integrated shade petal on the 14mm. If not, the 1.7x crop on 4K video makes this a rather nice video lens. Thanks, Damien
  5. Hi Guys, As per title, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the YongNuo 14mm f/2.8? At over 3 times cheaper than the Canon, seems tempting. SpecificationsFocal Length 14mm Lens Structure 9 groups 12pcs Diaphragm Leaves 7pcs Minimum Aperture 22 Minimum Focus Distance Approx 0.2m Maximum Amplification Factor Approx 0.15x Drive System DC Motor Maximum Diameter and Length Approx Φ86×105mm Weight Approx 780g Thanks, Damien
  6. Xps 13 4K is great except every now and then wifi needs to be reset. Seems to have a bug there. Screen is awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Guys, I'm from Australia, though have just finished up a USA trip and have some US based clients that I need to sent prints to. Can anyone recommend provider for metal prints, wall mount ready (non acryllic), shipped to east coast? Sizes aren't too big, up to 30" Thanks, Damien
  8. Harry, I've had the aquatica 6" dome to 140m, seemingly no ill effects. The 6" dome gave me a good size compromise on crop sensor, though after moving to full frame I typically got blurred edges past f/8-10. Given the dive at hand, is be happy to take that image qualify hit to reduce size of rig. I never tried the 4" dome due to suggested quality issues with full frame. Another side effect of the smaller domes was the weight of the housing rig. I found this quite a serious issue, and adding your lights to it will only compound this. I'm now using the nauticam carbon fibre float arms, they're at least good to 125m based on my tests without compression. Two 12" unit provide some serious lift too, so should address the negativity. Ds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I've had Inon z240s to 140m many times, no ill effects. Ikelite DS125/161s also seem to handle the depth ok, though I've only taken them to 120-130m.
  10. More than survived, worked a charm. Actually have a SLR rig at depth that was positive and not mega negative was a pleasure. I imagine with video lights on camera that the large carbon fibre buoyancy arms I used would trim the rig nicely instead of being too positive.
  11. Hi Guys, I've recently been testing a Nauticam 5D MKIII housing on some deep dives and thought I'd put up a little mini review for those interested. http://damiensiviero.com/mini-review-nauticam-na-5d-mkiii-deep-test/
  12. I just took a Nauticam 5d3 rig, with 8.5" acrylic dome and carbon fibre float arms to 125m. worked a charm, quite impressed with housing to be honest was also testing a fisheye focus light to the same depth, no issues at all.
  13. I'll add that after a week or two shooting with the 5d3 macro and WA full time, it's a pleasure to use. AF when used correctly is awesome for macro and wa. I had the orientation settings out of whack which gave me the issues. Also the tracking was not what I expected and led to confusion, but after using it on more than a static deep wreck I'm rather impressed. Time to look at that sigma 150mm I think as well. Regards, ds
  14. Thanks Stewart. Having played with the af system in macro for the last few days I tend to concur. My settings were whacky I think but looks good now. I might have to look at that sigma in future, thanks, ds
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