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  1. I can provide an email address for a PM if the equipment is still available
  2. is the system still for sale interested in the whole system
  3. is this system still for sale...........
  4. is the system still for sale...interested in the whole set up
  5. is the set up still for sale...........
  6. hello there, if the strobes are for sale let me know, I will take them. coming to California in june if that works or ship to Canada. I can provide a phone number if you like to streamline the process.pete
  7. hello very interested in the system what is left for sale...............I can provide a phone number for contact here in canada
  8. here is my email make it easier aquaticsolutions2000@yahoo.com Pete
  9. is the system still up for sale, interested in the camera and the items as a whole.............
  10. I am interested if this set up is still available do you have a number to call.
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