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  1. Hi all, A friend of mine who works on topside film and promo production has just asked me about getting a cheap housing for some underwater filming work. I am wondering if anyone here has ever heard of CamDive brand and if so are they any good? Thanks a lot, Graham
  2. Hi all, Sadly two of our friends had an accident earlier this year and are no longer able to join us due to some ongoing health issues. This very generous couple have very kindly donated their deposit to two lucky divers offering a great discounted chance to join. This means two divers have the chance to go onboard the top rated liveaboard Bilikiki at 30% less than standard selling price. This great opportunity doesn't happen often! For more details on this trip you can check out http://www.diving4images.com/trips-services/trips/bilikiki-2015/ and/or feel free to contact me directly if you want to join or have any further questions at the email address below. Thanks for checking this out and hope to be diving with you soon, Graham Abbott www.diving4images.com info@diving4images.com +62 813 3867 3026
  3. Hi all, I am looking into a liveaboard charter around the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Just thought I'd ask here if anyone has been around this area and if you can let me know your thoughts on the reefs, the macro life, the fish life, any big fish encounters, lush anchorages, culturally interesting places etc. Thanks, Graham
  4. Some of you may have heard of Diving 4 Images, we organise cruises predominantly searching for rare and unusual critters in order that our divers can get specific video or still shots. Cruises are directed by professional dive guide Mr Graham Abbott. Due to a couple of unforeseen personal issues we have seen a couple of divers withdraw from each of our dedicated Komodo National Park itineraries in November & December this year. Perhaps some of you would be interested in joining the cruises? We have chartered the Komodo Dancer, again combining three of their scheduled trips, to create two extended Diving 4 Images cruises. The trips will run Bima – Bima, giving extended dive time within the boundaries of the beautiful National Park. Cruise No.1 November 16 – November 28. Cruise No.2 November 30 – December 12. Cost of each cruise is $3540, inclusive of domestic flights from and to Bali. Extended land based tours of Bali diving are also available pre or post cruise, contact us and we’d be happy to let you know more, there really is some top quality shore diving to be experienced in Bali. We look forward to hearing from you. Please view more about our company at www.diving4images.com or contact Andy or Graham at info@diving4images.com for more details. alternatively please reply to the thread with your email address and we will happily contact you.
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