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  1. I’d be grateful for the Canon version. ;) Are you talking in terms of days or weeks when you say ‘some later’, Pavel?
  2. I'm sure I already had a search on that. The thread I found most close to was in Oct. But my question has not been answered. Thanks anyway.
  3. Does anyone have expirience with this setup? I am in particular interested in he quality of the aiming/focus light of the 330 with the LSD. Is it strong enough and is the positioning within the LSD accurate enough to be utilized effectively for pointing the LSD at correct angles?
  4. OK, thank you very much, Paul! Today i have been on macro (strobes near wrist) and aladin tied to jacket. Same transmitter problem again and it didn't resync. After a few minutes it simply displayed "---" at the tank data window. Half an hour later i gave my camera to my buddy and what do you think happened? Yeah, right, it resynced... So maybe the transmitter unit is low on battery, but however - i'm fed up with it. I will step down to analog instruments. :-( Aditionally i will talk with Uwatec, when it's time to change battery in the computer. Maybe it is indeed bad firmware, Vlad. Regards, Andre
  5. @Paul: Where are you? :-) Is it possible to change the transmitter's battery? @Tony: Unfortunately you're right. That's why i'm thinking about to change vom Uwatec to Suunto. But if it is also not possible to change battery in the transmitter it would be a bad deal. @vlad: Sorry to say, but you're definitely wrong. My Aladin and scorpio-fish's Vytec DO NOT regain the signal. Last Sunday i tied up my Aladin to my jacket, so that it is not that near to the strobes compared to the situation when it is at my wrist. Result? They never lost connection deuring the whole dive and i have been on macro. Next weekend i will try other setups. Regards, Andre
  6. Thank you very much, Paul! If it is possible to change both batteries (wrist-unit and transmitter) this would be another argument for me to change. @Tonym: Hmmmm... maybe my transmitter doesn't resynch because batterypower is down??? Unfortunately there's no way to check the transmitter. :-( *gnarf* my girlfriend would really appreciate that aladin problem... ;-) Andre
  7. @3@5: Sounds more interesting than my equipment. Once the Aladin loses connection with the transmitter, it will _not_ resynch! If the Vytec resynchs each and every time, it loses connection, i would switch over from Uwatec to Suunto. Another advantage with the Suunto is, that you can change the battery by yourself. Is it also possible with the transmitter? @dan: What do you mean exactly? I think datatrans is the softwarepackage for all those Uwatec-computers. Andre
  8. OK. :-( Next weekend i'm going to check if there is still interference with the computer bound to the jacket. As far as i found out by myself, other air integrated computers (Suunto Vytec ore even better the new D9) are no alternative - is this right? At least i can't deal with the idea to do a fallback to another additional hose... But maybe it helps to bind the computer to the jacket. Regards, Andre
  9. Good afternoon altogether Yesterday i started using the Z220. I have been shooting with the Canon 550EX in a seacam housing before and i never had a problem with the tank transmission data. On the latest dives with the 220 i realized, that the transmitter of the tank data seems to shut down... Anyone realized the same?? I thought that kind of problem should have been solved - i remember this stories of transmission-breakdowns a couple of years ago, with the old AirX-series. Regards, Andre
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