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  1. FOR SALE - Olympus E-PM1 micro 4/3 camera body with 14-42mm lens with all included accessories & original box and the Olympus PT-EP06L underwater housing with all included accessories & box plus the zoom gear for full use of included lens. These were bought in November 2012, are in perfect working order (I have never had any problems, leaks or floods with this system) and the camera warranty is in date until November 2014. Selling for £450 plus insured postage at cost due to upgrading my camera system. Please PM me or email annemedcalf@hotmail.co.uk for further details
  2. Hi, I'm Anne from Manchester UK, I dive with an Olympus E-PL3 micro 4/3 camera in an Olympus housing. I've been diving for 8 years & into underwater photography for the last 5. I've done a number of photography diving trips to Egypt & Indonesia.
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